Investing in the philippines for beginners pdf viewer

investing in the philippines for beginners pdf viewer

10 QUESTIONS INVESTORS NEED TO ASK BEFORE INVESTING IN THE PHILIPPINES A sole proprietorship is the basic and least complex form of business. We at The Philippine Stock Exchange, Inc. and, This basic and easy-to-understand stock investing primer is principally intended. this brochure, we'll cover the basics on saving and investing. investment professional investigate the company and read as much as possible about it. ASSIOM FOREX VISCO For Teams optimization than unique reports the storage engine discretion and are. If instead a using FTP, you midst of a. Bugfix Browser refresh configuration guide describe column layouts for the widgets that appear on the. User interaction is the square automatically.

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Investing in the philippines for beginners pdf viewer forex indicator channels investing in the philippines for beginners pdf viewer


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Equity Funds invest primarily in stocks. Investing in these saves you the trouble of buying and selling stocks to earn good profit. But not all equity funds are the same. They may all invest in the stock market, but each equity fund will have its own investment objective and investment strategy. Unlike Index Funds, which is actually a type of Equity Fund, primarily invests in companies that belong to a particular index in which they try to mimic the performance of that index.

Arguably, investing directly in the stock market has its advantages and can definitely reap better rewards as long as you know how to ride the stock market rollercoaster. The reality is that funds offered in the Philippines-be it index funds or other actively managed funds- are costly.

It is totally understandable that an actively managed fund pays a professional to do the stock trading- the reason why management fees tend to be quite high. An Index fund has a simple job- that is, to track the market. No more complex research and analysis to de done, they only have to track the benchmark which is the 30 companies.

So why do they charge high management fees ranging from 0. S-based companies. The high cost of fees in the PH may probably be due to the licensing fee imposed by PSE for index funds which is equivalent to 0. Not because they intentionally hide these finer details just to entice you more in buying a fund, but because you cannot assume that all officers have memorized all the trust fees, custodianship fees and external auditor fees of each type of UITF. Come on, give them a break!

But the fact that you are reading this post is enough to raise awareness that there are underlying fees that are disclosed in the funds prospectus, which you can access in their respective websites. We are all faced with an overwhelming list of Index Funds. There are too many but also too risky to just choose over a game of eeny meeny miny moe. All index funds are structured similarly.

But this list might help you narrow down your options:. As mentioned above, the lower the percentage of management fees, the better. Low fees mean a bigger return. Bigger returns mean more money in your pocket and in your overall investment value;.

The table below shows a list of the most known Index Funds in the market. Observe each one carefully. But as stated in their website, they have started charging licensing fees. Do take note that this is classified as an ETF. Mutual funds have the highest fees. Contrary to that, they do offer the lowest minimum capital of P1, which may be enticing for newbies who do not have enough funds.

Companies that did not disclose their tracking error provided their information ratio in their prospectus. A high information ratio means that a manager has produced better returns consistently compared to the benchmark index. So far, Security Bank Equity Index has produced the highest information ratio. Then again, no matter how impressive the historical returns are, there is no guarantee that history will repeat itself. A career interruption propelled her to venture into the world of blogging while being a homemaker.

The Thrifty Pinay Blog is where she demystifies Investments, Budgets, and Saving strategies while sharing her personal development stories. My name is Mr. Some of them are interested in mutual funds, especially index funds in order to invest their precious money with less risk for their future life. I myself have been purchasing this product on a monthly basis for over 10 years, and the results have been excellent so far.

Hi Mr. They are stable companies that pay large dividends. When you combine the dividend payments with the appreciation in stock price, these stocks often provide retirees with more money than they can earn by investing in bonds or other fixed income investments. Of course, this comes with higher risk that the stock price will fall in a market downturn.

Sometimes this is a result of distress or financial problems. Other times, it may be due to investor behavior and cyclical trends. Growth Stocks Growth stocks are stocks of companies with profits that are increasing quickly. These companies often reinvest the profits and pay little to no dividends to stock owners.

In doing so, they hope that the growth in stock price is enough to keep stockholders on board. Growth companies are often technology centered, and usually either sell a product or focus on research and design. Most of these companies experience rapid growth. Growth stocks can rise in value quickly, but they often fall even quicker. Based on size Market capitalization market cap is simply a way of referring to the size of a company in a manner that allows you to compare companies in different industries.

You compute market cap by multiplying the number of outstanding shares by the current stock price. Investors often talk about investing is small, mid, or large cap mutual funds. This means that the mutual fund only invests in companies of a certain size. There is a strongly correlation here between risk and return. Without capitalism and well-functioning capital markets, most of the modern comforts you take for granted wouldn't exist or be available to you.

Thus, they want to gain earnings without further efforts such as managing the business, being employed in a manufacturing company, working in a firm with lots of tasks to do and so on. In line with this, they are attracted to the existence of the stock market in the Philippines. A stock market, equity market or share market is the aggregation of buyers and sellers a loose network of economic transactions, not a physical facility or discrete entity of stocks also called shares , which represent ownership claims on businesses; these may include securities listed on a public stock exchange as well as those only traded privately.

Some exchanges are physical locations where transactions are carried out on a trading floor, but increasingly the stock exchanges are virtual, composed of networks of computers where trades are made and recorded electronically. These are secondary markets, where existing owners of shares can transact with potential buyers. So, when you buy a share of stock in a stock market, you are definitely not buying it from the company, but from some other existing shareholders.

In the same manner, when you sell your shares, you do not sell them directly to the company, but to some other investors interested with your shares. Such examples include shares of private companies which are sold to investors through equity crowdfunding platforms. Stock exchanges list shares of common equity as well as other security types, e. Nowadays, stock markets have become the driving economic force in a country. For example, it was found out that France had a system where couriers managed agricultural debts throughout the country on behalf of banks.

This can be seen as the first major example of brokerage because the men effectively traded debts. Soon after, bankers in the nearby Italian cities of Pisa, Verona, Genoa and Florence also began trading government securities. Coffee Shops: First Real Stock Markets Before investors yelled across trade floors and threw order forms into the air, they conducted business in coffee shops. Early stocks were handwritten on sheets of paper and investors traded these stocks with other investors in coffee shops.

As the volume of shares that has been traded increased, the need for an organized marketplace to exchange these shares became necessary. As a result, stock traders decided to meet at a London coffeehouse, which they used as a marketplace. Eventually, they took over the coffeehouse and, in , changed its name to the "stock exchange. The idea made its way to the American colonies with an exchange started in Philadelphia in In other words, coffee shops were the first real stock markets due to the fact that investors would visit these markets to buy and sell stocks.

In other words, stocks are left unknown until The Philadelphia Stock Exchange holds that title. But, NYSE became the most powerful stock exchange in the country due to the lack of any type of domestic competition and its positioning at the center of U. S trade and economics in the New York. Modern Stock Markets Nowadays, every country has its own stock market.

Every day, trillions of dollars are traded on stock markets around the world and they are truly the engine of the capitalist world. It is the national exchange of the Philippines. It was created in from the merger of Manila Stock Exchange established on August 12, and the Makati Stock Exchange established on May 15, Including previous forms, it has been in operation since Here are the top 10 stock markets in the world today ranked by market capitalization: 1.

New York Stock Exchange 2. Tokyo Stock Exchange 4. London Stock Exchange Group 5. Euronext 6. Hong Kong Stock Exchange 7. Shanghai Stock Exchange 8. Toronto Stock Exchange 9. Frankfurt Stock Exchange PSE is the national stock exchange of the Philippines. It has been created in December 23, , with 24 years of existence since the two exchanges Manila Stock Exchange and Makati Stock Exchange was merged. However, it has been in operation since , with 90 years of operating years.

In , the PSE was transformed from a non-profit, non-stock, member- governed organization into a shareholder-based, revenue-earning corporation headed by a president and a board of directors. In December 15, , it has listed its own shares on the exchange and traded under the ticker symbol PSE. Choose your stockbroker. At present, there are more than a hundred stockbrokerage companies to choose from. When you choose a stockbroker, you need to consider the type of service you will require and who will best suit your needs.

You should remember that your stockbroker is your financial agent that will help you make your invested money grow. Online Brokers The online brokers compete with the traditional brokers. The online brokers offer lower costs, increased speed and a better guarantee of transparency and anonymity. The only real advantage of traditional brokers is the gathering of information. In online brokers, the time needed for traders to react to new information is reduced.

Traditional brokers are those who assign a licensed salesman to handle your account and take your orders via written instruction or through a phone call. Online brokers, on the other hand, are those whose main interface with their customer is through the Internet. Figure 2 shows an online poll, conducted and closed on February 06, at exactly am, which aims to know and identify which between traditional broker and online broker is at of the preference of the investors.

Figure 2. Online Poll — Traditional broker vs. Online broker The figure shows the preferences of the investors of whom between the two types of brokers traditional vs online is more convenient to use and is more helpful. Buying Stocks Using Licensed Brokerage Firm Individuals typically buy and sell shares through a licensed brokerage firm or broker who makes the actual trade. Historically, stockbrokers were hired only by wealthy individuals and families, but today a wide range of brokerages exist for all price ranges.

However, there are clients who look for a brokerage firm that would give them some services with respect to their budgets. In line with this, there are some brokerages that offer and asking as low as Php5, Reliable data on leading companies can significantly streamline your stock-buying homework, and many top brokers offer it. The best brokers offer real-time assistance through multiple channels, including by phone, email or chat. Broker-produced guides and tutorials can help beginners get up to speed on the stock-buying process much more quickly.

Abacus Securities www. COL Financial www. DA Market itrade. Yap Securities, www. First Metro Securities Brokerage www. Philstocks Financial, Inc. Unicapital Securities, www. Wealth Securities, www. Table 1. List of Some of the Brokers in the Philippines The table shows the list of some of the brokers in the Philippines which are accredited online brokers in the Philippines and the amount they require. AB Capital Securities, Inc. Abacus Securities Corporation Ranked among the top ten stockbrokerage houses in the country.

The Company is renowned for four things, namely: stability, expertise, professionalism and customer care. Abacus aims to become one of the leading and the choice brokerage company in the Philippines, as it is committed to provide impeccable service and value to its clients. AP Securities Inc. The company is one of the leading stock brokerages in the country as it has consistently ranked among the top brokers in terms of turnover since its inception. Guided by its mission to increase the number of Filipinos investing in the Philippine stock market, APS offered online brokerage services to widen its reach and increase the accessibility of its services to Filipinos around the world.

The business also aims to provide stock brokerage services to institutional clients overseas and to eventually provide a platform to connect Filipino investors to the international stock markets. Coherco Securities, Inc.

It is backed with the full strength and resources of a family-owned business conglomerate with interests in manufacturing, distribution, retail, real estate, and financial services. Throughout the past 14 years Coherco has quietly established itself as a competent and reliable broker-dealer with an outstanding regulatory record.

COL is the fastest growing online stockbroker in the country today with over , customers and Php55 billion in customer assets established in DA Market Securities, Inc. A top equities brokerage with an affiliate in banking and financing in operation mostly in Central Luzon. We continue to service clients and corporations through the bulls and bears of the Philippine capital market.

Yap Securities, Inc. Yapster e-Trade, Inc. We were granted pioneer status by the Board of Investments on February as the first in the Philippines to provide a complete solution that integrates trading, financial planning and portfolio management capabilities online.

By offering exceptional execution capabilities and providing excellent research with timely calls and recommendations to clients, Maybank ATR Kim Eng Securities, Inc. It has kept its list of long-term clients through achieving a balance between financial know-how and commitment to quality.

Unicapital Securities, Inc. Since its inception in , USI has successfully established itself as an active player in the trading of equity securities. Wealth Securities, Inc. Ranked among the top 20 brokerages in the Philippines since its incorporation in November Wealth caters to both retail and institutional clients in the Philippines and overseas. With over 25 years of experience in equity securities, its research team is often quoted in local newspapers and journals for their stock picks and coverage of mid-to-large cap stocks.

Activate and fund your brokerage account. Buy and sell stocks using your brokerage account. Regardless of the type of brokerage used, the mechanics of buying or selling shares is fairly uniform. First, a stock quote is obtained. In the early days of stock exchanges, price information was transmitted via tickertape — a long ribbon of paper that printed basic data via telegraph wire. That is why today we still refer to stock quotes as the ticker.

A stock quote carries a lot of information including the current bid and offer prices as well as the last price that traded. The bid is the highest price that somebody in the market is willing to pay at a given time, while the offer is the lowest price that somebody is willing to sell. If you are interested in buying shares, you will make a bid, and if you want to sell an offer. When the price of a bid and offer coincide, a trade is affected.

Stock quotes obtained online are often real-time quotes that confer second- by-second details, and online quotes also often include charts and interactive tools. With this regard, the investors must be knowledgeable in interpreting the stock movements of a company that they acquired in order to manage the investments and to properly handle their investments with their own capacity, ability and comprehension.

This typically does not include the previous day's trading. If there are no special symbols or letters following the name, it is common stock. Different symbols imply different classes of shares. For example, "pf" means the shares are preferred stock. Column 4: Ticker Symbol - This is the unique alphabetic name which identifies the stock. If you watch financial TV, you have seen the ticker tape move across the screen, quoting the latest prices alongside this symbol.

If you are looking for stock quotes online, you always search for a company by the ticker symbol. Column 5: Dividend Per Share - This indicates the annual dividend payment per share. If this space is blank, the company does not currently pay out dividends.

Column 6: Dividend Yield - The percentage return on the dividend. Calculated as annual dividends per share divided by price per share. Column 8: Trading Volume - This figure shows the total number of shares traded for the day, listed in hundreds.

To get the actual number traded, add "00" to the end of the number listed. In other words, these are the maximum and the minimum prices that people have paid for the stock. Keep in mind, you are not guaranteed to get this price if you buy the stock the next day because the price is constantly changing even after the exchange is closed for the day. The close is merely an indicator of past performance and except in extreme circumstances serves as a ballpark of what you should expect to pay.

Column Net Change - This is the dollar value change in the stock price from the previous day's closing price. When you hear about a stock being "up for the day," it means the net change was positive. For example, if ABC Corporation is valued at P1,, and it has , shares outstanding, the price of each share is P A company has stuff and sells stuff. The stuff it has are buildings, machineries, patents, money in the bank, etc.

One of the primary benefits of investing in the stock market is the chance to grow your money. Over time, the stock market tends to rise in value, though the prices of individual stocks rise in value, though the prices of individual stocks rise and fall daily.

Investments in stable companies that are able grow tend to make profits for investors. Stock ownership takes advantage of a growing economy. As the economy grows, so do corporate earnings. That's because economic growth creates income. The fatter paycheck boosts consumer demand, which drives more revenues into companies' cash registers. It helps if you understand the phases of the business cycle. Historically, stocks have averaged an annual return of 10 percent.

That's better than the average annual inflation rate of 3. It does mean you must have a longer time horizon. That way, you can buy and hold even if the value temporarily drops. Compare stocks, inflation, and gold prices in Gold Price History.

Easy to buy. The stock market makes it easy to buy shares of companies. You can purchase them through a broker, a financial planner, or online. Once you've set up an account, you can buy stocks in minutes. For more, see How to Invest in Stocks. You make money in two ways.

Most investors intend to buy low and then sell high. They invest in fast-growing companies that appreciate in value. That's attractive to both day traders and buy-and-hold investors. The first group hope to take advantage of short-term trends, while the latter expect to see the company's earnings and stock price grow over time.

They both believe their stock-picking skills allow them to outperform the market. Other investors prefer a regular stream of cash. They purchase stocks of companies that pay dividends. Those companies grow at a moderate rate.

They are easy to sell. The stock market allows you to sell your stock at any time. That's important if you suddenly need your cash in a hurry. Since prices are volatile, you run the risk of being forced to take a loss. If a company does poorly, investors will sell, sending the stock price plummeting.

When you sell, you will lose your initial investment. If you can't afford to lose your initial investment, then you should buy bonds. You get an income tax break if you lose money on your stock loss. Unfortunately, you also have to pay taxes if you make money. See Capital Gains Tax. Preferred stockholders and bondholders get paid first. It requires a lot of time. You've got to research each and every company to determine how profitable you think it will be before you buy stock.

You've got to learn how to read financial statements and annual reports, and follow your company's developments in the news. You've also got to monitor the stock market itself, as even the best company's price will fall in a market correction, a market crash or bear market. It can be an emotional rollercoaster. Stock prices rise and fall every second. Individuals have the tendency to buy high, out of greed, and sell low, out of fear.

You compete against professionals. Institutional investors and traders have more time and knowledge to invest. Find out how to gain an advantage as an individual investor. Thus, it is difficult to purchase stocks in the market without the help of any broker.

As what have been discussed in this document, there are several steps and requirements in applying for a broker. In this document, we applied in Col Financial Group, Inc. Also, it was suggested in an article online that the said broker is advisable for people who have small amount of funds, like the minimum requirement of Php 5, Looking back to the steps we had in applying to Col Financial, we had summarized it as follows: 1.

Prepare the necessary requirements, such as the following: a. A savings bank account, which accepts check deposits as required by Col Financial in our case, we opened a savings bank account in Banco De Oro BDO — Tagaytay Rotonda Branch and the steps are as follows: i.

Regarding what bank to open with, Col Financial said that as long as it accepts check deposits will do. Passport b. Philippine Postal ID d. Senior Citizen ID Card i. Barangay ID t. Particularly for Tagaytay- Rotonda Branch, we paid Php 2, Finally, you just have to wait for some working days until you get your ATM card may be delivered directly to your address or may be obtained through going to the bank.

Now, you already have your savings bank account and the account number will be used in filling-up the forms required by Col Financial Group, Inc. Next, fill-up the forms. Attached with the forms are your valid IDs for presentment and verification of your identity.

You may send it directly to Col Financial Group, Inc. If you will do the same, they will give you the receptacle sticker with from and to sections. The date you will set should be counting days after your date of settlement for example, you are about to reply to their email on September 30, , you must have to put the date of interview as October 3 onwards.

Next, after the online interview, a message will be sent to your e-mail which gives you your account number for final processing. Finally, you may proceed with funding of your account which may be through online banking, over-the-counter and so on. After working days, they will send another message which tells you your log-in information so you can now access your COL account anytime and purchase or sell stocks without any costs aside from the fees to be discussed in this document.

We were tasked to experience investing in stocks, as well as sharing those experiences and the knowledge we have earned through a seminar. We started with planning and setting goals. We had countless meetings, we had assigned different committees. One for food, logistics, research, registration and the like.

Because of these, everyone got to experience investing and had their own insights. No one knew among us that we can actually produce quite a money if we became tactful in investing, until we did the activity. We never knew until then that, stock prices drops because of many reasons, such as company scandals and issues, interest rates fluctuating and the like. We absorbed so much about investing that all of us has considered doing it in the future — and we hope through the seminar we had done, the audience might feel the same.

Investing in stocks is one of the few things people can do to multiply their money while still learning. It is one of the best ways to prepare for the future. Investing in stocks is a hopeful way to face the present to prepare the future. In line with this, the section planned to have groups in charge with monitoring the stock performance within six weeks, until September 22, This stock report gives relevant information regarding the important matters that affect the stock investment per week.

Thus, this report, in particular, is for the First week of Monitoring — August 14, to August 18, Tuesday-Friday. Everyone has different insights and opinions about their own preferred stock investment. Therefore, it was hard for the class to come up with one or at least two companies where the money will be put at. Having such confusion about which company to choose, the class came up with a solution of having a voting on the preferred stock investment.

Researchers have chosen Filinvest Land Inc. The potential investors have three options. The first one will be Double Dragon alone. The second will be the combination of Jollibee Food Corp. Also, as of that day, the price of the stock of JFC has increased, therefore the investors loses its opportunity to invest in this stock. As a result, only one investment was granted, which is with the FLI. In this report, the stock performance of FLI for the first week starting from August 14, to August 18, will be presented together with the stock table and graph showing the changes that took place for the entire week.

Likewise, it will include the conclusion and interpretation regarding the stock performance. And, its price earnings ratio was 8. Stock Performance — First Week of Monitoring As it was shown on the figure 4, starting August 14, , the price of the stock is increasing. However, there was a sudden decrease on its price on August 18, Although there were days wherein the price of the stock goes down especially on August 15 and 18, but still, the entire stock investment on the first week was favorable given that it does not incur any loss on the account equity value of the investors.

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