Eye gaze direction indicator forex

eye gaze direction indicator forex

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Eye gaze direction indicator forex risky forex strategy

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Eye gaze direction indicator forex In the following section, we provide lessons learned from this work and limitations of applying our approach. Prior works proposed different ways to convey gaze cues visually. Ishii H, Kobayashi M Clearboard: a seamless medium for shared drawing and conversation with eye contact. This changes the x and y eye gaze direction indicator forex of the gaze object on the Cartesian plane of the display. Method Participants A total of 76 undergraduate students participated in the research, which involved having a varying number of one-on-one face-to-face conversations with other participants. After completing each condition, the participants answered questionnaires which made up of 7-point Likert scale questions and open-ended questions for their subjective experience.
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Eye gaze direction indicator forex This established that the perceived levels of eye contact were similar across the in-lecture activity and our lab study. Some participants experienced a small distance offset between their focus and their gaze indicators for which they compensated by slightly looking off target. Neuroscience and Biobehavioral Reviews 24— Kleinke, C. Mareschal et al. Article Google Scholar Gredeback, G.
eye gaze direction indicator forex

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