Non investing summer circuits

non investing summer circuits

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We didn't want to be in this situation - that has to be said - but we are determined to see this through. Treasury chief secretary Simon Clarke said the Government's involvement in talks over the rail dispute would 'confuse things' as he called for industry reforms. Asked if the Government should be part of the talks because of its role in setting the negotiating mandate, he told BBC Radio 4's Today programme: 'Ultimately, it will only confuse things if we add a third party to these negotiations.

He added: 'The practices that are in place across the network are out with the ark, frankly, and need to be reformed. Shadow transport secretary Louise Haigh said the Government is 'hobbling' talks between unions and rail operators. Sir Keir Starmer yesterday again failed to condemn rail strikes that will cause chaos this week and cost businesses hundreds of millions of pounds. Lord Blunkett, the Labour former home secretary, urged union bosses to 'stop pretending they are in the s or s'.

Last night, senior rail sources said that agency workers are not going to be the 'silver bullet' many are hoping for to help stop the disruptive strikes. They calculated that 0. More than half of the trains due to serve the Glastonbury Festival have been cancelled because of rail strikes. Tens of thousands of revellers will be forced to find alternative routes to the site in Pilton, Somerset. Before the industrial action was announced, 51 trains were expected to run on the route over the three-day period.

It added: 'Other parts of the GWR network are likely to be more affected by the strike action and customers may need to consider alternative ways to travel to a station serving Castle Cary. Rail strikes are being held across Britain on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, but their effects mean services will be disrupted from Monday night until the end of the week.

Roads serving the Glastonbury Festival will be exceptionally busy, with motoring groups advising drivers to avoid the region if possible. They said that while the industry would welcome plans for agency workers to cover gaps in the workforce, it would 'only prove useful' in the 'less skilled parts' of railway companies.

The source told The Times: 'It takes a year to train someone as a signaller. In the same way you can't just put an agency worker in the cab of a train, it's not a silver bullet by any measure. Two teaching unions with a combined membership of around , yesterday became the latest to warn of walkouts unless salaries go up.

And half a million Health Service staff could strike over their pay offer. Commuters will not be the only ones facing chaos this week, as doctors, nurses, workers in the civil service and local governments, postal workers, traffic wardens and BT engineers are said to be considering joining strike ballots. RMT union boss Mick Lynch yesterday suggested the rail strikes could stretch into the autumn, warning: 'There are going to be many unions balloting across the country, because people can't take it anymore.

He added: 'Now they want to take us back to the s and bring this country to a standstill. Many people still remember the Winter of Discontent, 25 per cent inflation, sky-high interest rates, IMF bailouts, three-day weeks and rubbish on the streets. The NASUWT teaching union said yesterday that its , members would be balloted unless the Government backed demands for a 12 per cent pay rise.

General secretary Patrick Roach said Britain faced an 'existential emergency for the future of the teaching profession' because of the cost-of-living crisis coupled with 'real-terms pay cuts'. He added: 'The Government wrongly assumed teachers would simply stand by as they erode pay and strip our education system to the bone. If a pay rise is not awarded, it will be won by our members in workplaces through industrial action. The National Education Union will also prepare to ballot its , members — ranging from teachers and lecturers to support staff — unless an acceptable pay rise is offered in line with inflation.

Joint general secretary Kevin Courtney said: 'If there is no significant improvement on 3 per cent — which will leave an 8 per cent gap with inflation this year alone — we cannot avoid a ballot. The mood among teachers has changed. This year it is workload and pay.

LNER: The operator says it will be running only 38 per cent of its usual trains, with the last from London to Edinburgh at 2pm. Unison members and members of the public take part in a TUC national demonstration in central London to demand action on the cost of living, a new deal for working people and a pay rise for all workers. Picture date: Saturday June 18, On the eve of the most widespread shutdown of the railways in three decades, Treasury chief secretary Simon Clarke ruled out direct government involvement in talks between operators and the RMT today.

Public sector workers cannot expect 'inflation-busting pay increases' that risk fuelling the 'evil of inflation' further, the Chief Secretary to the Treasury has said. Simon Clarke called for 'public-sector pay discipline' and 'collective society-wide responsibility' in order to prevent a s-style wage-price spiral.

The Bank of England last week forecast inflation was set to hit 11 per cent in the autumn as it hiked interest rates to 1. He told the programme: 'In the current landscape of inflation at 9 per cent bordering 10 per cent, it is not a sustainable expectation that inflation can be matched in payoff Unison, the country's biggest union, has indicated half a million members could strike over the upcoming NHS pay offer, which is expected in June, if it falls short of the 9.

The NHS walkout would likely see thousands of appointments and operations missed because patients will be unable to get to hospitals and surgeries. National medical director of NHS England, Professor Sir Stephen Powis, said it was 'vital' that people sought appointments and treatment despite the disruption.

Either it makes a sensible pay award, investing in staff and services and reducing delays for patients or it risks a potential dispute, growing workforce shortages and increased suffering for the sick. The British Medication Association has also said it would ballot members over junior doctors' pay. And the railways could be hit by further strikes in the summer holidays after the Transport Salaried Staffs' Association served notice to ballot hundreds of workers at Southeastern and Great Western Railway over demands for no compulsory redundancies and a pay rise.

Some , Royal Mail workers are set to be balloted by the Communication Workers Union in another dispute over pay. Royal Mail announced last week that staff would receive a 2 per cent pay rise but CWU deputy general secretary Terry Pullinger said it was 'nowhere near acceptable'. The Public and Commercial Services Union, which has around , members in the Civil Service, will also vote in September over possible action over its demand for a 10 per cent pay rise.

Barristers are voting on whether to strike over legal aid rates, with a decision due today. Lord Blunkett last night warned the unions that mass walkouts would be counter-productive. Business Secretary Kwasi Kwarteng will table legislation as early as this week to let businesses recruit temporary staff during walkouts, a practice that is currently banned.

And the walkouts are also expected to cause misery for music and spots fans, with Glastonbury Festival, which will see , revellers return to Somerset for the first time in three years, also hit. Many festival-goers typically take the train to the nearest station at Castle Cary before catching a bus to the festival site.

While Great Western Railway said it planned to keep some trains running between the station and London Paddington during the festival, it has warned the times of some services might change. Coach firm National Express said it had seen 'a significant increase in both inquiries and bookings' as people opt to travel with it, and warned of heavy traffic around the festival site. Strikes could spread across the economy in the coming months.

These are the areas affected — and those which could be hit — and the unions behind the ballots. Strikes by the RMT across three days this week will close half of the country's rail network and reduce service to a fifth of normal levels. The train drivers' union Aslef is set to strike at Greater Anglia and the Croydon Tramlink in the coming weeks. Unite is also balloting about British Airways check-in staff at Heathrow over a refusal to reverse a 10 per cent pandemic pay cut.

If workers vote in favour, strikes are likely in July — potentially ruining some summer holidays. The National Education Union has said it will ballot its , members if a pay rise in line with inflation is not offered by the Government.

Unison, which represents NHS staff, has said strikes are possible unless the annual pay offer for them is not close to the rate of inflation. The British Medical Association, which represents doctors, has also said it will prepare for a ballot unless junior doctors are given a 22 per cent 'restorative' pay rise.

The Royal College of Nursing has also demanded a pay rise of 5 per cent above inflation. The Public and Commercial Services Union, which represents civil service workers, will hold a ballot in September over pay, pensions and redundancies. Workers include rubbish collectors, library staff, teaching assistants and care workers.

Unite said it will support 'any action' by workers to achieve a pay rise. The Criminal Bar Association, which represents barristers, is balloting members over legal aid rates which could result in walk-outs. The Communication Workers Union will ballot Royal Mail workers in a dispute over a pay rise offer of 2 per cent. The union has also sent ballot papers to BT workers including engineers, contact centre staff and retail employees over pay.

It could result in the first strike at the company since it was privatised in the mids. For some commuters hit by rising fuel costs and rail strikes, it is the glimmer of a silver lining. This month traffic wardens will start a seven-day strike in protest at pay cuts and 'fire and rehire' tactics. Britain is braced for a week of chaos as the biggest rail strike in a generation looks likely to paralyse the national network.

With services slashed to 20 per cent of their normal frequency, some places cut off entirely and passengers warned not to travel unless their journeys are absolutely necessary, here is how the walkouts are set to cripple different sectors. Thousands of appointments and operations are likely to be missed because patients will be unable to get to hospitals and surgeries.

Professor Sir Stephen Powis, national medical director of NHS England, said it was 'vital' that people sought appointments and treatment despite the disruption. Thousands of appointments and operations are likely to be missed because of next week's rail strikes. Health Secretary Sajid Javid has said the walkouts will 'put patients at risk' as doctors, nurses and other frontline staff struggle to get to work. One senior NHS leader warned the strikes 'will probably end up killing people because they'll prevent ambulance trust staff getting to work'.

The strikes are expected to hit London hospitals especially hard, as many have limited parking capacity for patients who decide to drive to appointments. Families of pupils sitting GCSEs and A-levels who usually rely on trains to get them to school have been urged to find travel arrangements for this week. Students sitting GCSE history or dance, or A-level German, religious studies or maths could be affected by the strike action. Schools will be allowed to begin exams up to 30 minutes late or relocate them to mitigate against disruption, according to guidance from the Joint Council for Qualifications, which represents the UK's biggest exam boards.

Julie McCulloch, of the Association of School and College Leaders, said while most pupils lived near schools and typically travelled by bus, it was important that families made 'alternative arrangements' for those reliant on trains. She urged pupils worried about how they would attend exams to talk to their school to discuss their options.

The CEBR calculated that 0. Major events. Following a three-year hiatus Glastonbury Festival returns from Wednesday, with , revellers heading to Somerset. Following a three-year hiatus Glastonbury Festival returns from Wednesday, but festival-goers who usually take the train to the event will be affected.

Sports fans are also set to be hit for six when England plays its third Test match against New Zealand at Headingley in Leeds from June 23 to Hospitality and holidays. UK Hospitality, which represents the tourism, leisure and theatre sectors, warned the strikes could cost businesses over a billion pounds.

Footfall looks set to drop by 9. Holidaymakers hoping to travel by train to London airports are being warned to expect severe disruption and reduced timetables. There will be no Gatwick Express services on strike days, while the Stansted Express and Heathrow Express services will run just two trains an hour, with much later first and earlier last trains. WreXu 1, pts. Altruli 1, pts. B9 19th.

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