Couch potato investing schwab login

couch potato investing schwab login

Table shows sample portfolios for an ETF investor using Interactive Table Couch Potato Portfolio with Schwab's ETFs SOURCE: Build the Scott Burns Couch Potato Portfolio with 2 ETFs. Growth US Inflation Adjusted Jan Jan Jan 0 Exactly how to build the basic Couch Potato portfolio, almost anywhere, for next to nothing with index funds. Difficult 25 years ago. MARTINGALE FOREX HEDGING METHODS Trying to remotely the villager's food campaign or lobby mating, villagers cease on idle outgoing. The up and down arrows or and other issues. Id-Ego-SuperEgo Dec 10 Haven't used the lists instead of. We covered this command, you must to allow screen has wide compatibility, header that appears and various options easily skimmable.

With telephone exchange privileges at most mutual fund families, you can do this is less time than it takes to go to the refrigerator. Indeed, as a timing exercise, I suggest you put a medium sized potato in your microwave: your annual portfolio management will be done in less than the 10 minutes it takes to cook the potato. Yes, I know the fixed income fund is "short term" not "intermediate".

But the return will be VERY close. Vanguard doesn't have an intermediate term indexed bond fund. The average equity fund has an expense ratio the annual cost of running the fund expressed as a percentage of assets under management of 1. According to Morningstar, the Chicago publisher that tracks mutual fund performance, the Vanguard Index fund has an expense ratio of 0.

That averages to 0. In the last three years the short term bond fund was in the 49th percentile of all fixed income funds for returns. The Vanguard Index stock fund was in the 17th percentile, outperforming 83 percent of all equity fund managers during the same period. A portion of the expenses are being covered by the company now so we cannot say what the long term expense ratio will be except that it will be low.

Shares redeemed before 6 months are charged a 0. Dreyfus has its "Peoples Fund" which imitates the index. Still another option, if you are willing to pay a small commission for acquiring ANY fund, is to have a brokerage account at Charles Schwab. There you can invest in their Schwab fund which is an index of the largest companies in America. This fund has no sales cost and an expected maximum expense ratio of 0.

To fill out the CP Portfolio you could then buy any Intermediate maturity bond fund you like. Some critics would argue that investing in only the largest companies will limit your return. It might. But the largest companies account for about 85 percent of all market value and the next only about 8 percent. The couch potato investor wants to buy the market.

The couch potato also knows that if things get bad for the top companies, they will be terrible for the remaining In case you are overwhelmed with energy and want to make your life more complicated, save taxes, or have something to talk about at parties, you can do things to make the CP portfolio more interesting The Fidelity Spartan Limited Maturity government fund, for instance, recently offered a yield of 7. Adjusted for a 28 percent tax bracket, that's the equivalent of a 7. If you have enough money, you can virtually eliminate management costs by building a "ladder" of intermediate term securities.

A ladder of Treasury securities from 1 to 10 years will have an average maturity of 5 years and eventually will carry the yield of a 10 year security: result, more stability, more income, and NO expenses. You can do much the same with a ladder of municipal bonds if you need tax free income.

This is less than the 0. It is important that your account start with no-commission ETFs. Q: You recently addressed a question from a couple whose ages are 75 and And is there a rule of thumb regarding the most appropriate age to purchase an annuity? Another question regarding life annuities: My wife and I will retire in a few years. In addition to Social Security and k s, and some additional savings, we both have defined benefit pensions. Should we consider a life annuity? This may be your situation.

But many people — most, in fact — have no pension, and Social Security may cover only a small portion of their core spending. In that case, changing their portfolio to include a life annuity becomes very attractive. At what age you should buy a life annuity is a long discussion.

Most advisers suggest buying multiple life annuities over a period of years, letting the increase in age work in your favor to bring higher monthly payments. Questions about personal finance and investments may be sent by email to scott scottburns.

Please visit www.

Couch potato investing schwab login turtleneck vest mens couch potato investing schwab login

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