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I have worked with a myriad of clients ranging from young athletes to older populations with or without health issues. My workouts are customized to the needs, limitations and goals of my future clients. A few examples include clients with fibromyalgia, diabetes, high blood pressure and other health issues but also with perfectly healthy individuals. I offer training in free weights, powerlifting and resistance training as well as calisthenics.

I hope to have you as new clients very soon. Until then you take good care of yourselves. Amanda Schwartz 3 Reviews. After many tests, pills, and procedures, I was only getting worse. I was desperate. My dad and I decided we would try anything for a last resort.

I lived at home at the time as I was graduating college with a degree in psychology. He started cooking healthy meals for me and within a month I had more energy and in two months my tests came back clean. I was free of all the health issues I had been battling. Since I had my energy I decided to get back to my roots. I used to run track, hurdles, long rump, high rump, and be a varsity cheerleading captain.

After graduating I attended acting school at William Esper Studio. One day while I was studying I got the call that would forever change my life. My dad had a heart attack and didn't survive. It was 5pm and I couldn't get a taxi to New Jersey at the time. So my acting teacher and I hitched a ride, which I don't recommend.

We were desperate and the flower delivery service was there and willing. Seeing my dad, I lost it. I had a downward spiral and almost quit acting because nothing seemed to matter. Finally I started reading health and self help books. I read motivational books and anything that had great reviews on how to become a better person. I also made a promise to myself. I will do everything I can to help people live a healthy life so they never have to go through what my father went through and our family.

After graduating from William Esper studio I was auditioning, shooting, and studying again. This time it was to become a personal trainer. I became certified in NASM. So lets change the world, one healthy person at a time. Our worlds change when we change physically and mentally. Mark DC 2 Reviews. Cyril Nicola 2 Reviews. Currently I work along side chiropractors and sports medicine doctors helping with pre and post rehab patients, high level athletes, and everything in between.

This experience helped me get a better understanding of how injuries occur, but also how to better prevent them from occurring with stability and strength. Tracy James 1 Reviews. In time this progressed to running as well as taking group classes and strength training, finding a balance of strength, endurance and flexibility training.

I saw the positive impact in both my mental and physical health and, after working for a few years as an artist, I realized I wanted to make fitness my profession. I took an intensive course at UCLA to learn how to be a personal trainer that covered everything from proper form techniques to integrating smart eating habits to designing training programs that are specific to varying goals.

In addition to being a personal training, I'm also a certified dog trainer and love combining these two passions in workout classes people can take with their dogs. Their motivations have ranged from wanting to feel and function better on a day to day basis, be leaner more toned , gain muscle, and build endurance to complete an athletic goal, like a marathon.

It also helps us see if we are a good match style, schedule, etc. From here we schedule an in-person consultation so I can assess their current fitness level, discuss eating habits, and guide them through a free first 30 minute workout. I'll use all of this information to create a personalized plan that will slowly build in intensity as we solidify good form and get acclimated to the exercise program. Jordan Watts 1 Reviews. I want to be your motivator to becoming the best version of yourself in all aspects of your life.

The result of reaching your fitness goals will not be limited to great health. I aspire to help you cultivate a mentality of discipline and consistency that will transpire into other parts of your life. I look forward to being a part of your journey and being a witness to your evolution!

Kevin Buckner. If getting in shape were easy, everyone would be healthy. The truth is, we're all extremely busy with chaotic lives that never stop. My mission is to make this process as easy, and as quick as possible for you. No matter what your fitness level and experience are, I assure you that I have the ability and experience to help you get to where you want to be.

The difference between me and other trainers is my ability to keep things fun and have you wanting to come back for more. I have the proven experience to help you accomplish all of your fitness goals while keeping it fun- and most importantly, while keeping you safe.

Are you ready to get in the absolute greatest shape you've ever been in? You've put it off long enough. Make a change and finally do something for yourself. Catherine Basu. My degree in biology allows me to successfully navigate around the many fad diets and sham exercise programs available on the market today. I am committed to making fitness fun and creating sensible workouts.

Jordan Harris. I also spent four years in the Marine Corps where I also helped Marines working under me to become better physically and mentally. I have recently graduated from the National personal training institute located in Santa Monica and I am ready to help you achieve your goals. Michael Kelly. I specialize in assisting clients recovering from injuries, chronic pain and weakness as well as reestablishing and building or rebuilding strength gains and muscular structure; both male AND female as well as weight loss.

Knowing that healthy habits are also important, I spend time counseling and encouraging clients regarding nutrition, weight control, and lifestyle changes. I began as a semi-pro long distance runner who trained days a year. I later transitioned into a trainer having developed the skills to transfer that knowledge to others. Having a Certification as an Integrative Wellness Life coach - I also help bridge the gap between "Gym Rat" and being balanced in Mental, Emotional,Spiritual non-religious and physical.

You can't build a solid foundation if one of the corners is weaker than any of the others. Roberto Cadilha. Passionate about health and fitness and extremely active in both indoor and outdoor sports. Aarin Abel. I like to focus on on balance and stability during my workouts, and love incorporating multi-targeted muscle group exercises. I create each workout based on my clients needs and fitness goals. I constantly encourage my clients and they often see the results they are looking for.

Working out with me will be motivating and positive in a fun and safe environment! Johnathan Smith. At a young age, he wanted to train to develop his body. His body was broken and had many aches, soft tissue injuries and physical pain. He was also diagnosed with scoliosis from the accident.

For almost three years of going to physical and massage therapy, a chiropractor and taking pharmaceutical prescriptions, he realized none of the treatments were working. He took it upon himself to rebuild his own mind, body and spirit to get stronger. Only he was able to do it. He started to feel himself from the inside out, feeling and refining each movement and transforming into a robot using automatic muscle memory. His life became automatic and at this time he knew he wanted to share the message and help others transform.

His brother did not have the motivation or the drive but slowly found it. He knew he had to make the change inside and out and did! John taught him quality form and balance by practicing repetition and changing his body by creating muscle memory. After transforming 's of people, his main focus is empowering women. Leonardo Luna. I empower busy parents who are limited in their budgets to attend my Fitness bootcamp which I am in the process of creating. I empower gastric bypass patients by helping them lose "X" amount of weight in order to get cleared for life saving weight loss surgery.

Morgan Hunt. What we put in our bodies literally determines our emotions which rule most of our habits and decision making. Which makes getting enough good food and exercise is vital to a healthy and prosperous life.

Strength training is so vital as we grow, protecting our bone density, Reduce the symptoms of osteoarthritis, diabetes, osteoporosis, back pain, and depression, helps you manage your weight, improves your balance, helps you sleep better, improves glucose control, Increases strength and muscle mass while raising your metabolism, and promotes more independence as you get older.

Charlene Ciardiello. Peter Rizzardi. I believe in empowering people with good movement and improved strength while also keeping workouts stimulating and enjoyable. Fitness is a lifestyle that I want all my clients to embrace and appreciate the journey to their best version of them!

Kevin Moniz. I have been professionally coaching and training members of the Los Angeles community for the past 4 years and have had the opportunity to work with many different ages and fitness levels to achieve either general physical fitness or sports specific performance goals. I have personally been involved in fitness for the past 14 years. My training expertise ranges from competing in bodybuilding contests, injury recovery and rehabilitation, general fitness, and aerobic endurance activities such as summiting Half Dome 3 times, summitting Mt.

Whitney 2 times the tallest in the lower 48 and completing the Los Angeles Marathon. I am also a military and combat veteran of the elite 82nd Airborne Division who deployed in support of Operation Enduring Freedom gaining real world experience in both ground and airborne tactical operations. This experience has allowed me to transfer my knowledge of the physical requirements of the toughest jobs into training programs which produce real change and functionality.

Thank you for taking the time to read my profile and I look forward to helping you empower your life and goals through fitness! Derek Babiash. I am here to help people through their fitness journey regardless of their fitness level and show them that their goals are achievable with the right work ethic and mindset. Seeing how fitness can change your life for the better is what motivates me. I want to be the positive force in that change you.

Sam Assefi. Ilija Gorgioski. I have been training clients with great success as well for about 5 years, ranging from fat loss, to muscle gain, overcoming injuries, improving technique, improving lifestyle habits, and improving nutrition behavior. My programs are based on what will get you to your goals as efficiently as possible without any of the extra fluff. Combining your well thought out program, with a proper nutrition plan, and me by your side to keep you accountable will set you up for success on your fitness journey regardless of what your goals are.

I am punctual, attentive, and easy to get along with. I offer training at a variety of gyms across the Los Angeles area and am also able come to your home where I will bring some light equipment pricing will varying on your location and frequency of training. Garrett Gahn. I have a true passion for all things health and fitness and have catered to clients of all kinds. I specialize in fat loss, toning, strength, muscle building and cardiovascular health.

No matter your fitness level or experience, I will be happy to bring you an educated and encouraging service to meet your goals. Vlad Finn. I have been training a diverse range of clients of all ages, body types, professions, and goals. In return, I ask that you give your all by working hard, having a positive attitude, and being patient with the process. Results take time! I will work directly with you towards your goals, around your injuries and limitations.

Together, we will set up a plan that is reasonable, achievable and within your abilities. My priority is to push you to work hard and reach your goals, while avoiding injuries and pain in the process. Justin Nelson. I am a former member of the United States Army, where I gained a knowledge of training groups of up to 80 people at a time for over 7 years starting in I learned through my experience in the Army that fitness is my passion, and helping soldiers realize their full fitness potential excited me enough to branch out and coach in the civilian world.

My main focus are beginners, those looking to lose weight, and those looking to gain muscle. I am excited to work with you and help you reach your full potential and realize your greatest level of health and wellness while looking amazing doing it! Rob Sanchez. Rob became a personal trainer at the age of twenty-two and fell in love with exercise science. Rob has worked as a physical therapist aid, he learned how to treat many different injuries. Ben Pavlovich. Complete Custom Nutritional Guidance built for your needs and unique to your body 3.

Equipped with programs for knee, back, and shoulder pain. Your own App with everything organized and have me with you wherever you go. Nic Olsen. He has used the knowledge he gained to work on national tours, numerous stage productions, television and film. Too often in life we feel daunted and overwhelmed.

We doubt ourselves, our abilities, and the value of our commitments, allowing ourselves to become complacent and dejected. By not giving up, we can rewrite our mental habits, and overcome the obstacles in our way, building confidence, trust, and faith in ourselves. Ashley Wimoni.

I love inspiring, and creating an uplifting workout experience for clients. I have experience in trampoline cardio, dance cardio, gymnastics, dance choreography, Muay Thai kickboxing, yoga, F45 Training, Crossfit, and Animal Flow. I am a stickler for executing proper form, and enjoy finding new and creative ways to cue movements and sensations, as well as taking time to explain and encourage correct exercise technique.

I love mobility and flexibility training. I am always looking forward to new fitness adventures and wellness collaborations! I love bringing good energy into the room and bonding with passionate, likeminded individuals in the wellness world.

It was the best change I could have asked for. I can't wait to see what the future holds, and I look forward to each new day and experience as they come! Carolina Araujo. She works as a Certified Personal Trainer and Precision Nutrition, working with her clients on both training as well as nutrition coaching. For the past 9. Precision Nutrition Level 1.

Matt Jackson. But most importantly I want you to see results I aim to set goals together and help you find that motivation to reach your goal. I'm a big fan of resistance and TRX. I train people the way I train because that's what I know best. So get your gloves on and come get fit. Dustin Conrad. So you get faster results AND it tightens the body without bulking up. It looks at the body as an interconnected system, rather than one muscle at a time, so you get more done and it strengthens the nervous systems Control, coordination, and balance Combine that with a comprehensive nutrition plan, and you will turn your body into a well fueled, highly functional AND beautiful machine.

My philosophy is move more body parts at once and get more done in less time. Because we're confident that we can find what your missing link is, what techniques will revolutionize your routine, and what food elements will yield the most drastic results. Vernel Dieudonne. Most of my clients are adult men and women. Their individual preferences, fitness level, fitness experience and goals weight loss, improved stamina, toning, etc..

I also offer nutrition direction and guidance, along with the flexibility regarding location, training methodology, time and accessibility to further enhance the experience and odds of success. While exercise and improved fitness is hard work, I insist that it be fun and rewarding. Honestly, my greatest reward is seeing those that I work with become more healthy and physically fit, while achieving their fitness goals.

A plan crafted to incorporate your fitness level, availability, access, goals and activity preferences. A plan that is comprehensive, challenging, contains natural progressions, is geared towards achieving your fitness goals, is always safe and is yours.

A plan that is, in a word, personal. Yassir Nadifi. Josh Tolin. My system is in small group which pushes the individual to make progress FASTER due to friendly competition amongst other trainees. In order to manipulate your body you will need to be extremely organized and have a strong mindset to conquer your goals.

My philosophy is to relentlessly pursue a lifestyle that is organized. Jake Tiesler. I understand everyone is different and some people enjoy being pushed hard and others do not, either way you get results. I track your progress to measure results. Professionalism and quality is my theme.

Jadrian Deleneye. Jadrian will complete the following with all clients: Help educate, motivate and support our clients with a positive attitude and a relaxed atmosphere throughout the entire training program. Be organized in planning a valuable fitness and nutrition plan, and will provide clear directions and realistic feedback. Help our clients plan and obtain measurable, realistic goals and optimize their chance for a successful experience. Support and inspire our clients in adopting a healthy eating lifestyle by developing a nutritional plan to meet their nutritional needs.

Be a devoted lifetime learner in the areas of fitness, nutrition and personal training. Inspire people to change their lives by becoming more physically active and educate them on nutritional food choices. The human body is a unique system of movers and our exercises should cater to the everyday task that we perform daily.

Holistic nutrition, pain management, corrective exercises, boxing, human performance. John Casler. I am here to help you be the best that you can be. Ray Velazquez. You and I will review your nutritional plan to correct any imbalances that may interfere with your goals. After which, based upon your specific goal and taking any medical condition into consideration, you'll implement synergistically designed exercises - including weight training, kettlebell movements, kickboxing, proprioceptive core stability and plyometrics - as well as cardiovascular exercise to achieve your most amazing results.

With well over 15 years in the fitness industry, I've trained hundred's of clients looking to reach heights they never thought possible. My training programs are results oriented, designed to increase functional mobility and agility while reshaping your physique into the body you've always wanted.

You can look at un-retouched before and after pictures of some of my clients and see how quickly they were able to effectively reach their goals. Ryan Thor. Whether preparing for professional athletics, want to tone up at 75 years of age, or rehabilitating a major surgery. Fitness is necessary for every population as mother nature treats us all the same.

I will help you exceed your goals and achieve your healthiest, most athletic body yet. I also have an extensive background in sports strength and conditioning. After a head-on collision in he had to take a year off life to rehabilitate nearly my entire body.

Successfully recovering from all injuries, I became certified, started putting my strength conditioning and injury recovery experience to work. I have great success with injury prevention and post physical therapy training. As an athlete with 20 years of sports training experience and rugby player I have made a life of training the body to survive under the toughest conditions and I can do the same for you.

Make every day the best and take that step of confidence! Negus Woods. A typical session with me can be as intense as the client prefers but will above all be fun and challenging. With experience in bodybuilding, aesthetics, weight loss, boxing and body shaping. Justin Stires. Stefano Martinelli. Everyone is experiencing this. Holding their power. We can go there. Having a body that looks good and can do things efficiently and safely.

Miles Garcia. I felt I've developed this skill set through the training and development of various fitness styles but mostly through calisthenics, beautiful strength. I have a passion to help, motivate and teach my experience and skill set with others to help them achieve any physical or mental goal. Daniel Pokorny. I had the privilege of coaching professional athletes in various sports in the highest leagues. I am a mastermind in my field and I will have the perfect solution for you in my repertoire.

In my coaching, I daily interact with my clients to solve all questions. I will teach you how to use training, nutrition, and supplementation to get a crucial advantage in life. Rodney Crayton. David Wilt. The fact that you can literally change the human physique with proper nutrition and supplementation is the most interesting thing in the world to me.

As a young man and to this day I deal with problems with addiction, depression, and anxiety, and out of all the different medications I have tried, lifting weights has been by far the best way to cope with these issues. My second passion in life is helping others.

Nothing makes me happier than to see I have made a positive impact on someones life. Personal Training allows me to use all of the information I have gained from over 15 years of training, to help others get closer to their ideal physique. I definitely feel I was meant to be a personal trainer. It amazes me how some people seem to think they don't need a trainer when they are first starting out.

When I first started out I didn't have anyone to help me. I had to figure it out as I went along through hours of research on the internet, and talking to the biggest guys in the gym. There are so many ways I could have saved years worth of time in the gym, in terms of muscle gain and fat loss, if I had just invested in a good personal trainer. Im not the type of personal trainer that has just decided to go online and get a CPT cert while I figure out what I really wanna do in life.

Personal Training is my life, it has been for a long time. Everything I do every day revolves around being a better trainer, from researching the latest nutrition and supplement protocols, to trying out new training methods. Nothing makes me happier than to see one of my clients light up when they see new muscle tissue, or when they see the scale go down and their clothes fitting better.

The Beautiful thing about training with me is there will be absolutely no guess work on your part. If you follow my methods of training and nutrition, I guarantee you will see the results you want and more. Any of my past clients will back me up in saying this. I can't wait to get to know you and see you light up when you get closer to having your dream physique!!!! Heinz Altieri. My 3 decades of my profession has given me the opportunity to travel the world with my celebrity clients as well as strong , dedicated work from all my other clients.

My group work has garnered me interviews and endorsements from many world wide organizations and different media avenues.. Prince Toe. I have been training for 23 years and and in those 23 years of my training, I have trained clients for 10 years. I have lot of knowledge of training clients. Cheaper than my competition and better than my competiton. Marielle McCloud. As someone who has struggled with mental health all of my life, I have found that staying active and maintaining a healthy lifestyle is a fulfilling and exciting way to keep my mind and body at top performance.

I have found that each individual has specific goals, whether the goal is a mentality change or more of a physical change. Keeping this in mind, my goal is to create specialized programs for each of my clients that adheres to their own specific goals. Our purpose is to enjoy the process of getting stronger, and to unleash your mental and physical toughness. I focus on strength training with some cardio added in, depending on my clients preferences and goals.

Brett Meznarich. I love working with other film industry people and aim to build stronger camera operators through my kettlebell program! I encourage people from all backgrounds to get in touch with me and reap the benefits of kettlebell training wether you're a fitness fanatic, beginner, or someone just wanting to improve their overall fitness I welcome you.

Remi Abdu. Sam Saunders. I'm a Former Division 1 rugby player with a sports, weight-training, yoga, and meditation background. Workouts can be in your home, virtual, or held outdoor on Venice Beach near the pier. My workouts are structured around a unique, holistic combination of weight training, cardio, stretching, and breath-work routines.

Yoga and meditation techniques are integrated into each workout to further develop the mind-body connection. In addition to personalized routines, I'll make you a custom meal-plan and shopping list that will further compliment your fitness goals. Nutrition is a huge part of the equation, yet is too often left up to clients to figure out on their own.

This program will not only get you in the best shape of your life, it will also cheer you up and calm you down. Within weeks, you will have more energy, you will be sleeping better, and you will notice a marked improvement in your general mood. Feel free to reach out with any questions - I look forward to working with you! Desean Bradley. I have trained with some of the top professional personal trainers, coaches and athletic directors.

I've also trained with everyday people who just needed the extra push to reach their goal. Transformation is what makes me thrive to be one of the best personal trainers. It's more than weight loss it's being complete in one's self to reach your highest potential.

Daunyae Harris. I use a very unique approach by combining physical fitness with non-invasive body contouring techniques that allow you to eliminate fat cells in stubborn areas while helping you create a healthier lifestyle through fitness training.

I am committed to helping you reach your fitness goals, therefore I use state of the art equipment to help maximize your training experience. I provide free 3D body scans with each fitness evaluation, which provides us with a 3D model of your body shape with precise data, like body measurements and posture analysis. I also offer motivational perks such as skin tightening, muscle stimulation, and cellulite reduction as you conquer milestones throughout your fitness journey with me.

I provide you with everything you need to have a successful outcome, all I need is your commitment. Marek Hudec. Your success and happiness is my number one priority. Albert Miao. With more than 25 years of combined experience competing and training at an elite level the coaches at Turbo Train have the knowledge to train clients who have never exercised in their life, to couples preparing for their wedding, and even professional athletes competing at the elite level.

We specialize in proper movement, mobility, and strength and conditioning. We also offer fully online training as well as a hybrid approach for those looking to maximize their time and make their training as efficient as possible. We offer discounts and our training is scalable to fit your budget. When you understand what the human anatomy is capable of you learn more about yourself, your body, and your potential.

However we are not limited to these locations as we are more than happy to make house calls and even video chats. Maria Palladino. East Hollywood has a special place in my heart and I have lived on the east side of LA my entire tenure here. I grew up playing basketball, soccer, and softball, but swimming and water polo stole my heart. I competitively swam for my entire childhood, and although I wasn't introduced to water polo until middle school, I purused the sport while playing for the Club Water Polo Team at the University of Iowa.

Go Hawkeyes! Running the Chicago Marathon changed my entire life, and changed my perspective on movement itself. Our bodies can do incredible things, and we can truly do anything we put our minds to. I have a passion for connecting with other humans, and inspiring them to grow daily into the best and strongers versions of themselves.

I hope to bring a bit of joy to your day, meet you where you are, and I am here to support you in every step of this fitness journey. Alex Reynolds. I transitioned from a basketball player into a personal trainer in once I decided to retire after I received my Bachelors degree.

It was a smooth transition for me because I was extremely passionate about basketball my entire life and I needed to find another outlet. After being in management for another year I decided to leave the company to start my own company in Ive been running my company Top Shape Lifestyle full time since then and Im improving every single day.

Makal Mac Riley 32 Reviews. Schedule a free consultation today. Elio Antonini 29 Reviews. Ongoing support to help you achieve your goals as quickly as possible. Transform your body and your life using my proven personal training methods in straightforward, highly effective plan developed with your goals in mind to ensure your success. No more words Just facts!

George Daniels 24 Reviews. I am a huge advocate of proper form with lifting. Since I was young I knew I wanted to change the world in some way and this is the wawy that I feel I can make the greatest impact on other people's lives. The world we live in is at war with our lack of fitness to be the best people we can in our work place and just in life. My job and passion is to push people to levels they did not believe they could and see things they could not imagine by improving their fitness levels which will change all aspects of their lives.

I have been doing exclusively virtual training for 2 years, so I am very experienced and comfortable in the online training arena. I am very focused on functional fitness never push through pain or perform exercises that risk injury. I'd love to share that passion and fitness success with you! I had a full roster of clients before Covid and when quarantine hit, all of my wonderful clients agreed to transition to virtual training and give it a shot!

Donald Cumberbatch 21 Reviews. I am an avid athlete and enjoy participating in various sports activities such as basketball, flag football, softball, volleyball and soccer, just to name a few. Daniel Yakupka 21 Reviews. Our clients experience training in the convenience and privately of your own home or business. Daniel designs fitness and nutrition programs for clients around the world. He has trained hundreds of elite and professional athletes, including Argentina tops soccer, tennis, basketball players as well elite athletes.

Petros Arzoumanidis 21 Reviews. While getting his degree in Health Sciences from Drexel University, Petros took note of his passion of truly helping people, whether it was in reaching their fitness goals or helping them overcome an injury. He decided that this audience is what he wanted to pursue and with that he began "Workout Anywhere", helping to deliver the gym to people at a time and place that is convenient to them.

He has trained his clients anywhere ranging from his home gym, to their office, to the local park and beach. His clients enjoy his workouts not only because of the convenience of bringing the gym to them, but also because of Petros' dedication in ensuring that every workout has been created for them and their needs. Matt Laurie 19 Reviews. S and my philosophy focuses on continual education within the field of Exercise Science, which I will use to not only expand my own knowledge base, but to enhance your way of life and the lives of those around you.

Being formerly obese and overweight myself, I understand how daunting it can be to get the ball rolling with your own fitness journey. Together, we can overcome that obstacle and get you exactly to where you want to be. By empowering you with the skills, knowledge, exercise techniques, and support you need, I know that a fun and long-lasting client-trainer relationship can be maintained for years to come. Take some positive action today by committing to your health and fitness, and I promise to be there with you every step of the way.

I have a calm and confident approach to fitness coaching, which makes all my clients feel at home and secure when starting their fitness journey. I love to provide real-world solutions to issues everyone faces when trying to stay on track and make positive lifestyle changes. My goal is to work with clients who have health challenges, who need to make changes to prevent disease and improve their health.

I have patience with older, deconditioned clients, love to educate and am willing to modify workouts to accommodate changes that come up. My clients have had success in measurable and immeasurable areas: losing weight, improving blood pressure, building strength and balance, overcoming back pain and overall feeling better. I also have additional training in Iyengar yoga and TRX suspension training.

Tiffany Blair Robinson 17 Reviews. Our first couple of sessions will be mostly focused on using correct form and learning your abilities and limits. I became a fitness professional because long story short I knew, personally, how healing it is to become stronger and more confident in what your body can do for you, and I want to share that power with others.

I am an ambassador for 'Just Strong' and volunteer sessions towards helping abused women and children in their healing. Daniel Riker 17 Reviews. When I was young I could barely run a few yards without losing my breath. I was clumsy, award and shy so that meant I was always picked last in gym class. Overall, you could say I was a pretty unhealthy kid. This was my catalysis for changing how I thought about nutrition, which then lead to fitness.

As you could imagine this was not easy for me, I had to overcome my shy personality. This was a big turning point and helped me to see that I could transform my life beyond what I thought was capable. My philosophy in life: find your purpose.

Train for that purpose. Transform your life. Bree Turner 16 Reviews. I focus on injury prevention and pain management then we move into beastmode, or maybe wegotoffthecouchmode I train virtually and in-person. My vibe is encouraging, understanding, and trauma-informed. I will always listen and respect what is said about feelings and needs. My goals are for my people to feel seen, safe, and valid while we work to improve their quality of life.

I use authenticity and thoughtful encouragement to create a plan of mindfulness, and movement, regardless of fitness level, gender, or body type. Gail Mcghie 16 Reviews. Watching someone transform and enjoy a fitter healthier lifestyle is very rewarding for everyone. Neal Robinson 15 Reviews. I want to use that passion to help others reach their goals and understand their own bodies in different stages.

Terry Linde 14 Reviews. Melissa Paprocki 14 Reviews. I understand the struggles, the limitations, the frustrations and the uncertainty of just simply trying to better yourself. Being uncomfortable or not knowing what to do in the gym, not having the time or energy after working long days, poor eating habits or unhealthy lifestyle..

I've overcome all of these barriers and have helped s of men and women do the same. With a Bachelors of Kinesiology and over 4 years of valuable experience working with clients of all different ages, backgrounds, limitations, and injuries, I am confident I can help you reach your goals. I have a passion to teach, influence and motivate my clients to reach their true potential. Food logs are checked daily and additional check ins on nonsession days. Mark Pawson 14 Reviews.

Through my proven strategies I help them boost strength, energy, and confidence to beat that tide, effectively getting younger in the process. Lawrence Castanon 14 Reviews. He also holds black belts or instructorships in Karate, Brazilian Jiu-jitsu and Krav Maga self-defense. He now focuses on private and small group training, teaching workshops, and seminars both in-person and online , and writing books and articles on fitness and self defense. His book is a comprehensive physical training and self-defense manual.

Emily Fiore 13 Reviews. She empathizes with the boundless energy shared by fitness enthusiasts and looks to provide a fun and challenging workout to keep them engaged! Having grown up in a family of athletes and as a lifetime athlete herself, Emily started teaching group fitness in after getting certified in POUND. Since then, she has gone on to teach HIIT, TRX, kettlebells, Pilates and calisthenics based classes infused with a focus on form, accessibility, functional movement patterns, and fun.

She balances her love for coaching with a healthy dose of sugar, long walks with her pup, Yuma, and photosynthesizing outdoors whenever the sun is out. Yvona Gonzalez 13 Reviews. I found the fitness and nutrition world and fell in love with what the body is actually capable of if you actually put the mindset into doing it. I help individuals become the best version of themselves not only through fitness, but through nutrition as well.

I love to incorporate my dance background into exercises to reach different muscles that we are not used to working! Jennifer Fidder 12 Reviews. I will schedule a phone consult with you after your first session is scheduled! Sorry, guys! During our phone call we can take a look at the schedule and find a time that works for both of us. This means we might have to reschedule the first appointment you book but we'll make it work. I work with women like you because I feel like it's what I was born to do.

I coach because I have to. Nakisa Shahhosseini 12 Reviews. Thanks for reading my personal bio,but who i am i have over 2 years experience and i am American Council On Exercise Certification ACE ,and help thousand of client to get results. I would love to be your coach and help you in your fitness journey. I come had depression and anxiety and i know how it feels because i was there and the only thing that helped me was fitness,it's time to give back.

I'm a big believer in mindset and i am able to give you the result. Skye Mcdonald 12 Reviews. Natasha Beardmore 12 Reviews. I specialize in making men BIG, weight loss, booty growth, injury rehabilitation, special circumstances, and geriatrics. Personally, I am a runner, heavy lifter, climber, and zumba-er. Let's get fit together! Thomas Johnson 12 Reviews.

I create training and nutritional plans for clients along with provision of substantial amount of coaching advice to motivate and assist them in their journey to becoming healthy and fit. I've worked with college athletes soccer, rugby, basketball, hockey, tennis, rock climbing, football , trained professional athletes NFL Players, MLB Players, Cricket Player and competitive dancers. I have basically worked with basically all types of people. I'm always interested in helping others achieve their health and fitness goals, constantly keeping myself educated and updated with new health and fitness trends.

My session will always be challenging, but I guarantee that you will see results if you put in the necessary work. Nicole Johnson 11 Reviews. Barrett Neimeth 11 Reviews. You get a teammate, a cheerleader, and most importantly, someone who has faced and overcome struggles with fitness. I understand this journey physically and emotionally, and I know how to create a plan to get you where you want to go. No matter how busy you are, it is still possible to be healthy, get in the best shape of your life, and most importantly, feel great.

We'll tackle challenges, overcome mental blocks, and achieve your goals. I promise you'll always have the support you need. Eoghan O'Kelly 11 Reviews. I do this by starting with the basics, analyzing movement and breathing patterns and then working from the ground up. Once we have created a strong foundation, or my analysis shows you already have a strong foundation, we begin work on your unique program.

I have worked with soccer players, MMA fighters, tennis players and runners, along with my everyday clients. Each one has different goals whether it is getting stronger, more powerful, faster, injury rehab and prevention or fat loss. However, I take the same detailed approach with each one to guarantee your success. Jason Gotay 11 Reviews. While that was a sobering thought for my family to accept at the time, it is even more incredible to reflect upon as I approach my 40th birthday this year.

Knowing that I was not supposed to make it, nor was I supposed to be able to do the workouts that I put my body through today, makes me eternally grateful. As proud owner of the Fortress Of Strength LLC, I offer you a safe place within a FitRanx facility where you can embrace the rewarding challenges of a healthy lifestyle.

Laura Endres 11 Reviews. I've trained people with severe health considerations including progressive MS, glaucoma, Diabetes, Parkinson's, and amputation. You'll move better during exercise AND everyday activities. This is where you really level up. If that's all you want, I might not be the best fit.

I'm a pro at finding that sweet spot where you are challenged and make progress and actually feel great after your workout, not completely spent. When we focus on proper progression, you become truly healthy and fit - for the long term. They feel better, sleep better, like how they look, and feel like they've regained their health! I'm a keen observer and a dedicated coach - I do whatever it takes to find the magic sauce that is each client's ideal program.

Plus I do have one additional trainer on staff who has several openings. If you're interested, get in touch and if we're a good fit, we'll find you a spot! Ryan Doolin 10 Reviews. I have an ample background in both team and individual sports and have been competing in some fashion since I was a child. I have experience in High Intensity Interval training, strength and conditioning, weightlifting techniques, and circuit based workouts and group training. A client can expect that no individual training session will be the same.

I am constantly adding new techniques or routines into my training to keep the body guessing and constantly improving. Melanie Lewis 10 Reviews. Melanie began her career in the fitness industry at a neighborhood gym when she was a senior in high school. A year later she got her first certification at the Cooper Institute in Dallas and began training clients, and she continued to do so throughout her college years.

Melanie graduated from the University of North Texas where she majored in Psychology and minored in Health Promotions. Since Melanie enjoyed helping others change their lives, she decided to continue those achievements as a trainer. Along with her personal training, she has participated in membership sales, was a front desk gym manager and was promoted to Assistant Personal Training Department Head at Life Time Fitness. Melanie takes each and every one of her clients under her wing and educates, instructs and motivates them to achieve their greatest potential both physically and mentally.

Melanie trains males and females of all ages, those new to fitness and professional athletes, stay at home moms and business professionals, marathon runners, fitness competitors and triathletes. Melanie enjoys sharing her passion for fitness as an educator at Houston Community College where she teaches Physical Education. Jason Spencer 10 Reviews. There is nothing more important to me than the quality of service I provide to my clients.

It is a choice. Carrie Groff 9 Reviews. I have a passion for helping women exercise in the comfort of their own homes or outside because I understand how convenient it is and I also understand the intimidation that a gym can cause many women. I personally have always trained at home, getting up to exercise daily at 5 am. When the weather is nice I encourage my clients to train outside, either in their backyard or a local park.

I like to mix up their routines to keep them engaged and enjoying their workouts. Laurie Kelly 9 Reviews. My mission is to guide, educate, challenge and inspire you to transform into the best version of yourself. I look forward to meeting you! Daniel Chung 9 Reviews. I am able to service a very wide range of clients from beginners to advanced lifters to post-rehab. Sounds like a no brainer but you'd be surprised at what you see at the gym.

I try to educate as much as I can during my sessions so that you are learning the "why" for the movements I am asking you to do. Realistically, I can't be with you for every workout so I want you to have the confidence to know that what you are doing isn't going to hurt you if you go to the gym on your own.

If you are just trying to get your butt whooped with no regard of form, then I am not the trainer for you. If you want to move better, and train smarter, then please message me or sign up! Michele Santiago 8 Reviews. Whatever your reason I am committed to pushing you forward. Earning my Bachelors degree in merchandise management I began a career in the fashion industry.

After spending many unhappy hours behind a desk and a battle with depression, I decided it was time to get active and accomplish my goals. Making the decision to change careers and enter the fitness industry in , I haven't looked back since. My passion for health and fitness flourished after seeing how much the world of fitness helped me clear my mind and became my safe haven. I made the choice to devote my time to assisting others lead happy, healthy, active lifestyles.

I value my clients and enjoy working with you to improve your lives, overcome your fears, accomplish your goals, and improve your physical health and the well-being. Katharine Cunningham 8 Reviews. My favorite thing about trianing clients is watching them develop strength and endurance through their own hard work and dedication, and the confidence that comes with that progress.

No matter your fitness level, all you have to do is show up and do your best. My job is to meet you where you are, and design a safe, challenging, and effective workout plan to help you achieve your goals. Holli Purcell 8 Reviews. What I can help with is your overall feeling of self worth without focusing on the on the scale. Disclaimer: Some content may not be available, or may be audio only, due to extent of recording permission granted by presenter. Time Type No. On Demand u u. Ask Us! Eye Codes: Who Is the Winner?

AAO Sunday, Nov. Visit us at booth for coffee and conversation Mayo Clinic MC. This symposium is not affiliated with the official program of AAO Rev. A Optovue. Coleman s research interests span the interface of ophthalmology and public health, with emphasis on comparative effectiveness research, visual functioning and societal impacts of eye diseases. Morris is the author of three biographies about Theodore Roosevelt. Both this volume, and his critically acclaimed final book in the Roosevelt trilogy, Colonel Roosevelt published in , Complete meeting information is available at In , Mr.

Morris was appointed President Ronald Reagan s biographer. Morris has additionally published a celebrated biography of Beethoven and a volume of essays. He is currently working on a biography of Thomas Edison. Spivey trained as an ophthalmologist and a medical educator.

Spivey has served on many boards of international, national and regional health care organizations and ophthalmologic societies. Separate tickets must be purchased. Fee includes a buffet breakfast. Seating is limited, register early for best selection. After breakfast, feel free to use the roundtables area to meet-up with colleagues and network. Breakfast With the Experts Sunday, Nov. For more information about Academy Plus see page 4.

Prerequisite lectures are strongly recommended, but not required. Seating is available on a first-come basis, so please plan accordingly. Must be able to load CDs. How to submit a question: Point your web browser to and choose the room or send SMS text to with the keyword ACafe followed by a space and then the text of your question eg: Acafe Note: For SMS, standard text messaging fees may apply based on your wireless plan.

Saturday, Nov. Your Questions. Expert Panels. Lively Conversation. Float among theaters, new topics begin every 15 minutes. Stop by for presentations on: Technology trends and tools that can impact your practice. Software applications for medical records or alternative presentation options. How to make the most of the Mobile Meeting Guide. Discover the many tools and features available in the Mobile Meeting Guide including how to view posters and videos, download handouts, take notes and even ask questions during select sessions.

Sinai Discover ways 3D scanning can be used to assist with patient care, from remote diagnostics to new ways to measure and monitor clinical findings in ophthalmology. The Internet of Things or IoT refers to sensor and communication technology embedded in everyday objects which places them online and able to share information. We ll explore the benefits and concerns these new applications and trends offer.

Wisnicki will discuss Big Data analytics, personalized healthcare, the impact of Smart Devices and medical body area networks MBANs plus other topics in this interactive session about the trends to watch in healthcare information technology. Discover the many tools and features available in the Mobile Meeting Guide including how to 91 Technology Pavilion.

George, UT Find out about the latest Smartphone and Tablet apps, trends and technologies that can help simply your life and benefit your practice. Learn new ways to explore information and communicate with colleagues without a keyboard, mouse or screen using holographic computing. Monday, Nov. Anu Khanna and EON Reality will demonstrate clinical concepts and exam techniques using augmented reality and 3D software models.

Physicians from Simulated Ocular Surgery will demonstrate various surgical situations and complications using eye models. Doan s experience using social media to share his ideas with millions of people can help you launch a successful social media campaign and leverage Internet resources to communicate with current and new patients. Hear about Microsoft s latest operating system, get an overview of the newest Cortana, Spartan and Edge product features and find out how you can customize your desktop for a common experience across your tablet, phone, and laptop or desktop.

Learn about presentation alternatives gaining popularity like Apple Keynote, Google Slides and Apache Impress and especially see how Prezi and PowToon approach presentations in a whole new way. We ll compare the benefits and costs of each competitor. Tuesday, Nov. This custom-tailored, interactive session provides an audience-driven overview of the latest Windows Operating Systems and Microsoft Office Suite.

Ask our expert and get answers. Learn easy tips to maintain your privacy and personal security online. Technology Pavilion Complete meeting information is available at They are not eligible for CME credit. Find out more information about The Electronic Office at or contact. There s strength in numbers. Lobby on Capitol Hill for ophthalmology s top legislative issues including advocating for fair Medicare physician payment, reducing regulatory burdens and vision research.

Meet face-to-face with your Members of Congress and show the might of our membersat this important event. It s the most effective way to protect the interests of our profession and our patients. Hundreds of your colleagues fromaround the country take the time each year to ensure our voice is heard Your participation matters!

The victories we ve enjoyed in Washington D. We are the stewards of our patients sight. Join me in as we go to our lawmakers to represent our profession and our patients. Russell N. To view the agenda, faculty and to register, visit:. At the end of each session, the panel will select the best paper. Session Two Monday, Nov. Starting Nov. Session Two is Monday and Tuesday, Nov. Refer to page for poster presentation and tour schedule.

By , more than 42 million people will be living with diabetes in the US. Given these alarming statistics, understanding the multifactorial physiology of DME and the clinical implications is critical. If you are a government employee or are licensed in a state that imposes a limitation on industry-provided meals and it is not appropriate for you to accept a meal at this program, you may provide payment for a meal or bring your own food and beverage.

We appreciate your understanding and support. Get a free minute consultation with a practice management expert. An Outstanding Curriculum Discover the most comprehensive practice management program available for administrators and physicians. There are over 90 courses to choose from including new master classes that are part of our Saturday intensive program. Payers as Partners: Is It Possible? Accounting for Non-Accountants Course New!

Course New! Having It All! Spears The ability to actually develop people over time is one of the most significant differences between leaders and managers. Managers have the mindset to do the best they can with the people they have, while leaders learn how to take the people they have and make them better.

Most experienced leaders and coaches know that the best way to begin to influence people s perceptions of themselves is to affirm their talents and value gradually and very persistently. Once you peel back all of their formal leadership functions, leaders are in the high expectations business. It starts with a vision for each person having a bigger and more important role on your team. You have to take time to be with your people and explain how you see them expanding their roles and their impact in the organization as you work towards their and your vision.

Learning to discover and leverage talents wherever you may find them is an important skill for the exceptional leader. Through systematic questioning and talking to your team, you will find obvious connections between certain people and the areas and outcomes that they re most interested in.

These are areas where they may be able to exert influence. By paying attention to these matches you will increase the effectiveness of your delegation and see much more passionate work from people. You will see people go from average to excellent right before your eyes and sometimes do it with amazing speed.

Take your leadership skills to the next level. Tracy L. Spears will define specific skills of proven leadership. She will examine the myriad ways a leader s influence is demonstrated and provide tools that you as a leader can develop to increase teamwork and employee productivity. Sponsored by: Genentech Regeneron Tracy L.

As a national business consultant for over 24 years, Tracy s dynamic and comfortable approach has led to the improvement of both individual and group performance. She specializes in developing leaders; inspiring teamwork and enhancing inter-office communications by helping people understand Why People Do What They Do. In addition to her workshops, Tracy has been a featured guest speaker at numerous state, regional and national conferences.

She is a graduate of the University of Oklahoma and an accomplished athlete who played in Japan as a member of the U. National Softball Team. Separate registration is required to attend these events. They are not included in the Academy Plus course pass. Given the way audits are conducted, by both federal and commercial payers, most physicians will be audited by some payer at some time during their career.

This three hour intensive course will detail proactive preparation and present a step-by-step process of what physicians and staff can do when the request for records is received. Hear from the experts. Panel presenters include: a payer medical director, an attorney and an ophthalmic policy and coding expert. Coding Camp covers all aspects of ophthalmic coding, all payers and all specialty training.

This annual must-attend event will focus on: Top reasons ICD claims are denied. Answers to your most common and challenging coding scenarios for every specialty. Increasing your modifier knowledge and application. Coding updates for Bonus: Test your own coding competency through interactive audience response units. The first part of the session will cover the regulatory landscape and challenges facing practices and its intersection with compliance and human resources concerns.

The later part of the session will consist of break-out sessions, allowing participants to select from 4 in-depth discussions on topics presented earlier in the day. The program will be a combination of lecture and moderated panel discussion. There will be questions and answers, interactive dialogue using case studies, role-playing and other hands-on techniques. Content will include a breakdown of practice staff and departments, outside support staff, organizational resources, four primary modules including Risk Management, Clinic Flow, Financial Management, and Human Resources with recommended course tracks for the Academy meeting.

Experience the acclaimed Washington Update with compelling presentations by industry gurus on the newest technologies, facility challenges and opportunities, ins and outs of quality management, financial and organizational best practices, and planning essentials that are driving success in the entrepreneurial ASC. Do you want to become more effective and efficient when it comes to running a practice?

Applying lean thinking to your business processes can be the key to improving productivity and quality of care. Lean thinking, used for years in the manufacturing industry, can help you identify activities that are non-value added i. This intensive and interactive course will introduce lean thinking as applied to healthcare and service industries through lecture, case studies and hands-on training.

You ll be asked to work in teams to analyze and improve a business process. Topics include the 4P model for lean thinking, the eight types of waste, value-stream mapping and more. At the end of the course, you ll have an understanding of lean thinking and how you could use it to enhance your workplace organization and streamline work flows to: Decrease cost. Improve quality of care. Improve patient satisfaction. Reduce wait times. See page 21 for more information on CE credits.

The lounge is open exclusively to AAOE members and their physicians. Share your experiences and learn from other members during an informative hour moderated by a seasoned professional. The AAOE Member appreciation reception is our way of thanking you our members for your contribution of time, expertise and resources to create the unsurpassed professional collaboration of the AAOE membership. Come join us for this opportunity to meet with fellow members, to talk in-person with your listserv colleagues, and to meet the AAOE Board and staff.

A wonderful array of hors d oeuvres and beverages will be served. Members enter for your chance to win one of the door prize giveaways. There you will find the AAOE Practice Management Center in the Academy Resource Center: Academy experts are on hand at the coding desk to give straightforward answers to your most challenging coding questions. Preview the extensive collection of practice management and coding resources and products for your office. More than 25 consultants from the AAOE Consultant Directory are available to provide customized advice on topics ranging from financial management to EHR to billing to legal matters and more.

B EyeCare America has been the ideal platform to facilitate the delivery of quality care in a dignified manner to those Americans who are underprivileged or underinsured Doctors Kash, Allen, and Kessler with office staff. James L. EMA Ophthalmology A cloud-based, mobile, ophthalmology-specific EMR system with nearly effortless documentation and billing to help you move through exams faster.

Visit us at Booth I. They don t bite. Soothing relief from dry eyes. Natural Tears Formula. They don t sting. Product of the USA. Use the following resources to locate exhibitors quickly: Virtual Exhibition Search the Exhibition by booth, company name, product categories, medical specialties, common equipment terms and basic ophthalmic conditions.

Build an account, log in and then tag the exhibitors you plan to visit. You can print out your personalized exhibitor list before you visit the Exhibition in Las Vegas. Exhibitor Locator Booth Hall B, Booth Friendly staff members at the Exhibitor Locator Booth will use the Virtual Exhibition and large scale screens to help you search for and locate specific exhibitors.

You can search by booth, company name, product categories, medical specialties, common equipment terms and basic ophthalmic conditions. Stop by to see the latest! Product Index Find a listing of exhibitors sorted by product category in the Final Program. American Foundation for the Blind Poster 5 Discover a free app the American Foundation for the Blind has developed to help doctors and staff find critical services and resources that can help persons live with vision loss.

The organization invites volunteer ophthalmologists to participate in its communitybased eye care project. Charity Vision International, Inc. Poster 15 The organization is actively involved in 25 countries identifying and supporting local ophthalmic clinics to provide services to the underserved of their respective countries.

They seek experienced surgeons willing to train overseas. The organization welcomes volunteer medical personnel to assist their permanent staff. Chinese American Ophthalmological Society, Inc. They assist in the training of ophthalmologists of Chinese descent. Eye Foundation of America, Inc. Poster 10 Since its inception in , the organization s goal has been to improve the accessibility and affordability of eye care around the world.

Himalayan Cataract Project Poster 18 The organization works to eradicate preventable and treatable blindness through high-quality ophthalmic care, education and the establishment of a world-class eye care infrastructure. Lighthouse for Christ Mission and Eye Centre Poster 6 Lighthouse is a mission eye hospital in Mombasa, Kenya that needs volunteer ophthalmologists to help weeks throughout the year. Mission Cataract USA Poster 8 The organization encourages and assists ophthalmologists to provide free cataract surgery to the poor and uninsured in their local community.

Their meetings and newsletters disseminate information on these clinical issues. The Glaucoma Foundation Poster 11 Discover information, including the mission and leadership, for this organization. Volunteer Eye Surgeons International Poster 2 This organization sends eye surgeons and paramedical personnel to emerging nations such as Bangladesh, Vietnam and Myanmar where they lecture, perform surgery and teach the latest surgical methods.

Informational Posters Complete meeting information is available at Join us in recognizing the contributions to our organization and profession by visiting these exhibiting companies during the exhibition at Sands Expo.

Vision Tech Co. Envision Meditech Co. Guanzghou Vesber Biotechnology Co. L Meda Co. MIRA, Inc. MyVision Medical Pvt. Ocular Instruments, Inc. RetiLab NEW! Tech Equipment Co. Segal Optiks Pvt. Wicab, Inc. Now we re expanding our vision and bringing the same commitment to ophthalmics. Pursuing the promise of new therapies in ophthalmics to address patients unmet needs. Just watch. Visit Shire-Eyes. Michigan Ave. For the most up to date information at your fingertips, download.

Scooters can be rented from Scootaround by calling Media Kit Our Mission Founded in , the AAA's Mission is: "To promote health care policies that ensure excellence in the ambulance services industry and provide research, education and communications. Introduction and Scope of Policy 2. Statement of Policy Table of Contents 3.

Gifts and Individual Financial. Flynn, MD n Lawrence G. The Fairmont Orchid, Hawaii Dec. These policies were developed. Where should learning objectives be published? Overall and session-specific learning objectives for any CPD activity face-to-face. Present How to Attract More U. The Society for Melanoma Research Congress is. Coming this fall from iicme The Arizona Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Sponsorship Prospectus Share your message with the nutrition and dietetics professionals in Arizona!

Guide to Financial Education Fairs There is increased interest in the financial education and literacy of Americans. Studies consistently show employees look to their employers for financial education. As the most important conference for middle level and high school principals in North America, Ignite 16 offers you the cost-effective opportunity. March 20 23, San Diego,. Dear Exhibitor, Dr.

David J. Goldberg and Krystie P. AES is scheduled to be held on November 5 8, at. If rooms are requested prior to check-in time they will be accommodated based on availability. New Program Format! About this Conference 30 th Annual New Treatments in Chronic Liver Disease This CME conference will review new medications and therapies that are now available, or will soon be available, and discuss their.

Chappell Jr. Raden, O. You can market. Breakfast and Registration. Department of Infectious Disease and R. Log in Registration. Search for. Size: px. Start display at page:.

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The Bertazzoni family's entrepreneurial history begins way back in the 19th century. Starting out as blacksmiths, the Bertazzonis soon branched out into building cookers. In , the laundry and dishwasher range was launched and soon produced a world first in a 60cm, 14 place setting dishwasher. The mid s heralded the arrival of the very first built-in hobs and ovens and the establishment of partnerships with internationally renowned architects and designers.

In the s, Smeg added even more products to its various product lines, including sinks, hoods and coloured retro 50s refrigerators, which were soon to become iconic items all over the globe. Having consolidated its position in the home appliance sector, Smeg has branched out into other areas, creating new professional divisions that handle products for restaurants and instruments for health and medical applications.

Today, Smeg is run by the third generation of Bertazzoni entrepreneurs, but it still keeps the memory of its beginnings alive in its Italian name: Smalterie Metallurgiche Emiliane Guastalla, or the "Guastalla Emilia Enamel Works". Reply Thread Expand. Freddie King. More Filters. Journal of the National Cancer Institute. View on PubMed. Cisplatin versus cetuximab with definitive concurrent radiotherapy for head and neck squamous cell carcinoma: An analysis of Veterans Health Affairs data.

The addition of cisplatin or cetuximab to radiation therapy RT improves outcomes in comparison with RT alone in the nonoperative management of head and neck squamous cell carcinoma HNSCC , but … Expand. View on Wiley. Pathologic discontinuity of the mandible. Journal of oral and maxillofacial surgery…. P Nutritional rehabilitation via naso-gastric tube in children and adolescents with anorexia nervosa: short- and long-term outcomes. Digestive and Liver Disease. View via Publisher.

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