Low volatility investing revisited granville

low volatility investing revisited granville

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Low volatility investing revisited granville swiss forex

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Low volatility investing revisited granville programs for forex

Pim van Vliet Low Volatility / Multi-Factor Model based on book, High Returns From Low Risk


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They also stress that volatilities are more important than correlations, that low-risk indices are suboptimal and vulnerable to overcrowding, and that other factors can be efficiently integrated into a low-risk strategy. Finally, the study looks for tangible evidence that the low-risk effect might already be in the process of being arbitraged away, in particular by investors in mutual funds, exchange-traded funds, and hedge funds.

Indeed, the approach is so well-known nowadays, that many investors are concerned that it might become a victim of its own success. After thorough analysis, however, the authors conclude that there is little evidence that the low-risk effect is being arbitraged away, as many investors are either neutrally positioned or even on the other side of the low-risk trade.

Van Vliet et al. The capital asset pricing model: Some empirical tests. Studies in the Theory of Capital Markets, 81 3 , See also: Miller, M. See also: Fama, E. Risk, return, and equilibrium: Empirical tests. Journal of Political Economy, 81 3 , Risk and the rate of return on financial assets: Some old wine in new bottles. Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis, 10 5 , The Volatility Effect.

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The volatility effect revisited Research. Head of Factor Investing. Speed read High-risk stocks do not generate higher returns than low-risk stocks We review the existing academic literature on low volatility investing We discuss practical implementation issues. Stay informed on our latest insights with monthly mail updates. Volatility as the main driver They argue that volatility, that is, the standard deviation of returns, is the main driver of the low-risk anomaly.

The low volatility effect proves highly persistent over time and across markets The authors then move on to discuss the economic rationale supporting the existence of the low-risk effect and analyze some of the most frequently cited explanations for this phenomenon. Low-volatility investors aim to achieve market-like returns, but with lower risk. This investment style is also referred to as minimum volatility , minimum variance , managed volatility, smart beta , defensive and conservative investing.

The low-volatility anomaly was already discovered in the early s, yet it only became a popular investment style after the global financial crises. This investment style is slowly becoming accepted, as many low-volatility strategies have been able to deliver good real-life performance. Several low-volatility strategies have existed for more than 10 years. Most academic studies and most low-volatility indices are based on simulations. Some studies go back 90 years and show that low-volatility stocks beat high-volatility stocks over the very long run see image.

Since low-volatility securities tend to lag during bull markets and tend to reduce losses in bear markets, a full business cycle is needed to assess performance. Over a shorter time period like one year, Jensen's alpha is useful to calculate performance.

This performance metric corrects the performance of for market beta risk. For example, when a low-volatility strategy has a beta of 0. Lower risk should give lower return. Any investment strategy might become ineffective over time if its popularity causes its advantage to be arbitraged away. That could also be the case for low-volatility investing, and some point to the high valuations of low-volatility stocks in the late s. Others state that low-volatility is related to the well-known value investing style.

For example, after the dotcom bubble , value stocks offered protection similar to low volatility stocks. Finally, low-volatility stocks also tend to have more interest rate risk compared to other stocks. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The capital asset pricing model: Some empirical tests.

Studies in the theory of capital markets , 81 3 , Risk, return, and equilibrium: Empirical tests.

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The Story of the Risk-Return Paradox of Low-Volatility Investing low volatility investing revisited granville

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