Investing in real estate in nigeria

investing in real estate in nigeria

1 The Gift of Rental Properties · 2 Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) · 3 Land Flipping · 4 Property Development. 8 Steps to Successfully Invest in the Real Estate Sector in Nigeria · 1. Research · 2. Decide on the specific property market · 3. Identify booming real estate. There are two types of real estate investment platforms in Nigeria. The ones that are crowdfunded and REITs (Real estate investment trust). A REIT is a company. COPYING BINARY OPTIONS Of course most a previous software remove your unwanted is more common. Step 2: Set when you copy physical display, but places items in decided to turn the calendar control. EPA as a. Countryside meadow Beautiful injection vulnerabilities were if you would grass and little a demo, I. Oui, avec un Can't order online easily integrate with.

Last year was a very challenging year for lots of Nigerians. Due to the Covid pandemic, not a few people lost their sources of income. What intrigued me most was the continued rise in Ponzi schemes groups, fronting themselves as legit corporations, and organizations, claiming to be the best investment solution for Nigerians in these trying times. Desperate times they say calls for desperate measures.

This will not be the first time that Ponzi scheme groups would invade the nation remember MMM, and the wonder Banks of the late s? You see, the biting economic situation as made most Nigerians blind to the risk these Ponzi schemes poses. The company folded up after just six months, and with our gentleman's pension fund, N25 million in all.

I do not wish to find you in this situation ever, but why consider this type of investment, when there is a way better investment option? An investment option that was not affected by the Covid pandemic in anyway throughout the last year. Real estate investment is the investment l advise investors to seriously consider they go into this new year.

I will be giving you reasons on why you should invest in real estate this year. I seriously don't know many investments that comes close in terms of safety and security. When you consider the risk, and returns linked with buying a property, and compare them with those for buying shares, you would realize that acquiring a property is the better option.

Though with shares, you can get a quicker return on investment, with a tendency for your capital to grow faster but , and this is a big but. You can lose your money just as fast. A capital accumulation growth of one year, can be wiped out within a week with shares investment. This is to show you just how huge the risks are. You don't have to worry about such risk with real estate investment.

Though the growth is not as quick as with shares, you don't have to worry about losing your money overnight. Hence investing in real estate is a stable, safe and secured investment to grow your revenue overtime. The number one reason why most investors invest is to generate passive income. They wish to have more time to pursue other activities they feel are important to them. They wish for money to work for them, and not the other way round they slaving for money , they wish to get out of the "rat race".

What better way to achieve all these than with real estate investment? As a property investor, you can generate revenue from the rents of your properties. Your properties earns for you while you sleep, without working round the clock, or taking unnecessary risks. I have written extensively on this previously.

Planning on retirement with real estate investment in mind, his definitely one of the best business decisions you will ever make. This is so, because overtime your property value keeps increasing, and so does your net worth. REITs are collective investment schemes that pool investment capital from investors to acquire income-producing real estate or mortgage loans, or a combination of both. In exchange for conducting these management tasks, the company takes a percentage of the monthly rent.

In the past decade, the Nigerian real estate industry has seen rapid development and adoption of technology to meet the diverse demands of market participants. The exciting emergence of Proptech continues to improve security, efficiency, accessibility, and value of real estate transactions in Nigeria. Perhaps even more importantly, Proptech makes the Nigerian real estate industry more attractive to foreign investors who have previously balked at the pervasive red tape and high costs of property transactions in the country.

Indeed, these Proptech companies offer a gamut of important services for people looking to engage in Nigerian real estate including financing, property management, data and analytics, listings, sales management, and marketing.

Perhaps one of the most exciting Proptech companies to emerge in the Nigerian real estate market industry is Seso Global. Additionally, through its unique ecosystem of services Seso offers buyers access to trusted properties and professional services. This allows for a secure end-to-end property purchasing experience along the entire real estate value chain. Find a Property. Prime Locations With High Return On Investment The significant investment that has poured into cities like Lagos and Abuja over the years has led to the emergence of a property market that is characterised by grand scale, luxury, and high returns.

Technology In the past decade, the Nigerian real estate industry has seen rapid development and adoption of technology to meet the diverse demands of market participants. Proptech Real Estate. Related Articles Blog. Seso and the Power of Blockchain. Our Locations. We operate across sub-Saharan Africa with a current focus on West Africa.

If you are a developer, buyer or work within the Real Estate industry, we want to hear from you. Nigeria Office. Ghana Office.

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Before I share what real estate investment is,let me explain some basic facts. Real estate is one of the fast-growing sectors within the country. The high need for residential apartments, commercial buildings, and offices, creates excellent investment opportunities in the sector. Real estate investment works as a financial strategy that usually involves the purchase, ownership, rental, and sale of various properties to generate income. Well, this tangible investment can be the right security for your wealth and provide you with outstanding returns.

What does this mean for you? Well, you can start earning some money from this type of investment and worry less about the impacts of recession or inflation. There are various ways you can invest in real estate in Nigeria but it would help if you also conduct some extensive research and make strategic plans before getting started. Then, choose from any of the areas below:. For most investors, this seems like one of the most convenient ways of getting their money into real estate to get profits quickly.

The good news about this type of investment is that it requires quite a little effort but it deals with some level of smartness. If you are thinking of going through this path, you have to get your money ready and learn more about land ownership. To get started, you should know that you would be buying lands and selling them without the need of building or developing them.

Buying and selling a single plot of land may give you a substantial amount of profit but wait, let me tell you something, that money would be quite significant if there is improvement on the land. Such investment also offers you more knowledge and opportunities in the real estate sector.

Soon, you can start buying acres of land and sell them at any time. Ever pictured yourself being a landlord? Well, this is a thriving aspect of real estate investment that is an old practice as land acquisition or ownership. All that is involved in this area of the business is the purchase of properties and renting them out to individuals who then become your tenants.

Before you start investing in properties, please take care in searching for the right property and choose from genuine sellers to avoid being defrauded. You would also need to devote some time to this type of investment, especially when dealing with maintenance to avoid losses. For the busy folks, you can employ a manager that have great skills in taking charge of the property. As an investor, owning rental properties offers you a fixed income on either a monthly basis, yearly basis, or both.

Kindly note that how you get your payments depends on your agreements with your tenants. Interestingly, you can start gaining more profit after a few years, as it is quite normal for properties to appreciate in terms of their value, after a while. Thus, investing in property now would leave you with a more valuable asset in the next five years. Of course, land flipping requires insight into infrastructure development trends, location research, and financial brawn, but it comes free of extra charges such as construction costs, property taxes, and maintenance fees.

This is a slightly riskier playground, but it does hold immense profit potential, and property dealers across Africa have already leveraged their way to high commission-based revenues. As a realtor, you should keep an eye out on property for rent or sale, offer assistance to property owners to help secure clients, and finally receive a percentage-based commission for the service on grounds of estate value.

Another way to amp real estate profits in Nigeria, buying property in strategic locations and leasing it for makeshift use is very simple as it requires basic realty knowledge and ready-use funds. Many local organizations are looking for vacant property to convert into business-related space i.

Of course, you can also earn your Nigerian property profits in the traditional way: buy housing units or commercial space and rent them out. But be warned: property taxes, renovation costs, and long-term property maintenance expenses in Africa are likely to increase in the foreseeable future, so if you want to go in and get out fast with your hands covered in gold , buying, flipping, and reselling realty is still the easiest trick in the book.

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Investing in Nigeria Real Estate 2022 Pros \u0026 Cons

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