Value investing congress 2013 presentation rubric

value investing congress 2013 presentation rubric

Value investment analysis reports available to help improve investment decisions. ested in value investing. The classes sponsored by the Heilbrunn Center are among the most heavily demanded and highly rated classes at Columbia Busi-. Evaluative Rubrics: a Method for Surfacing Values and Improving the Credibility of Evaluation. Journal of MultiDisciplinary Evaluation, Nan Wehipeihana. CITI HANDLOWY KURSY WALUT FOREX For example, one access my work. You can adjust Ultrasound heating work. Step 3 : but does have of files or using SharePoint Server and has recently.

Proven methods will be presented and the audience will participate by critiquing their current policies and procedures. This presentation will present a case study of a very large, complex, and well-known financial institution and its transformation into a learning organization using the QM Rubric.

The presentation is for new QM practitioners and corporate education professionals who are QM-trained. The goal of the presentation is to demonstrate how QM can help an institution move from "training" to "learning. This presentation showcases a collaborative relationship between the Maryland Judiciary, a community college and Quality Matters.

This collaboration demonstrates the use of the Quality Matters Continuing Professional Education Rubric for excellence in online course design and future possibilities for the Judiciary system. This presentation shows how the art of storytelling and narrative can be used as a way to create presence and meaningful experiences in online and blended courses.

Various tools, methods, and oneline resources will be explored as a way to create, embody, and present narrative in online and blended courses. This poster expresses the ideas on how to help new faculty build courses by using the QM rubic and using templates to help guilde them during the development process.

This presentation will engage program attendees in a discussion of the value of alternative pathways to achieve quality in online programs and to demonstrate the impact of internal QM reviews on institutional culture and quality improvement on programs and courses.

This website uses cookies for important user experience functions. Please review our Privacy Policy for more information. Conference Presentations. Search Keywords search by keyword. Addressing Federal Financial Aid Requirements Within Course Design Ensuring online courses meet eligibility requirements has become of paramount importance in higher education.

Addressing Universal Design, Beyond Standard 8 While QM Standard 8 addresses accessibility for vision and hearing differences, other QM Standards address a wider range of diverse learning and instructional accessibility needs. Anchors Aweigh: Setting a Bearing for Mobile Students While our students may be mobile, faculty are often not sure how to ensure our courses are usable on mobile devices.

Through central funding, grant monies, and individual school buy-in, one state is currently implementing the three-step "Applying, Improving, and Reviewing" plan. The first step provides faculty and support staff with Applying the QM Rubric training and develops a cohort of peer and master reviewers. The second step provides "Improving Your Online Course" training.

The last step is "Reviewing Courses. At Large! Beyond Check-the-Box Compliance Training This presentation will present a case study of a very large, complex, and well-known financial institution and its transformation into a learning organization using the QM Rubric. Do it right from the start! Templates and tricks that help new faculty build great courses. I would not say there was much learning going on. My notes from the entire interview are in my presentation. K12 has yet to allow independent external evaluators to both validate its data collection efforts and more importantly evaluate its analysis of student achievement data, across all K12 schools;.

The Scantron test is given in the home, unsupervised and untimed, making it easy for students to get help from a parent or the internet;. K12 Executive Chairman Nathaniel Davis said, "The Scantron tests are optional for K12 students, and about 30 percent decline to take them. That means the company has been comparing a self-selected group of K12 students to the national norm, which isn't appropriate.

Finally, it showed that K12 students trailed state averages for the states in which K12 operates in both reading and math at every grade level see charts in my presentation. K12 claims that its dismal academic results are because it serves more at-risk students, but this is questionable for two reasons:.

As you can see from this scatter plot of math results, TVA students at the beginning of the school year are slightly below the state average x axis , but their academic growth y axis is by far the worst of any school in the state the results for reading and science are nearly identical, as you can see in my presentation :. Studies of growth metrics in Pennsylvania and Colorado show similar results, which I document in my presentation. As this chart shows, the on-time graduation rate for the K12 schools is This is consistent with other data that various researchers and journalists have been able to piece together on a school-by-school basis.

In most states, K12 must stop charging states for students if they stop coming to school i. Instead, it manipulates student counts and underreports student truancy and withdrawals to increase its profits. Several current and former staff members said that a lax policy had allowed students to remain on the rolls even when they failed to log in for days. Officials of the Elizabeth Forward School District in western Pennsylvania complained that Agora had billed the district for students who were not attending.

Rather, the relationship is often so rife with conflicts and self-dealing that K12 effectively controls and operates the schools — and siphons off all of the profits for itself. Consider that:. K12 employees sometimes serve on the board of the nonprofits and, worse yet, are sometimes involved with their very creation.

K12 usually directly or indirectly employs all key people, including the Treasurer — a particularly blatant conflict of interest. K12 often reviews its own billings and then fails to provide the boards with detailed accounting for its expenditures.

K12 assumed control of most of the OHVA budget and a majority of any excess funds was soaked up by the end of the year, often to the point where the school would show a loss. In this case, the agreement with K12 required them to issue a credit for management fees so OHVA would show a small surplus for the fiscal year.

A Head of School walks a fine line in order to balance the best interests of both parties. In many cases, the boards know only what K12 wants them to know. For an in-depth expose of how this works at a Kaffiliated school in Newark, see this article in the Newark Star-Ledger last week: Newark charter school contract with K12 Inc.

In summary, many of these nonprofits are a sham. The IRS appears to be looking into this click here. If it acts, the consequences could be dire for K There are many answers, but the most important is money and politics. But this vastly understates what K12 is really spending.

The company also has friends in high places. In a statement, Mr. Zogby said he still owned a small number of K12 shares, but did not make decisions specifically affecting online schools. And parents are figuring it out as well, as enrollment has plunged by two thirds. K12 is also facing scrutiny in Florida and Georgia, where investigations click here and here revealed K12 employees covering up the illegal use of uncertified teachers, and class sizes of up to students.

Lastly, K12 was denied online schools recently in New Jersey, North Carolina and Maine, which means that K12 is not opening schools in any new states in the next year. States are responding to the online charter school sector having run amok by adopting one or more of the following changes, none of which are aimed specifically at K12, but all of which have deleterious consequences for the company:. Improved accountability systems for all public schools e. This applies to all charter schools, but would disproportionately affect the low-performing online schools.

This would incent schools to help students succeed and penalize them for enrolling those unlikely to succeed. Note that states would have to change their rules to allow this, as most have laws that prevent any charter from being selective. The result would be online charters only serving a small fraction of the students they do now — which would be a very good thing.

As I noted at the beginning of this article, the company has a strong curriculum and online schools can be appropriate for certain students. If student really achieve, the company will grow for the right reasons. Why would anyone in their right mind sacrifice student achievement for company growth? Those of us at the school level sometimes felt as though Ron Packard was charging ahead full speed to grow, grow, grow and not focusing on long-term sustainability and student achievement.

This kind of thinking hurts students. You have sacrificed a real person for your own economic gain. Every student has a right to attend, but as education professionals we have a responsibility to see that students are enrolled in a school most appropriate for their needs.

Our obligation as professionals is to present them with the realities of virtual schooling and how this school choice option may or may not be the best choice. The profit motive should not guide this process — but at K12 it appeared to. But to get there, the school had to cut back. By , the school had dropped back to sixth in size, enrolling students.

In spring , Branson online students beat the statewide average in proficiency in reading and were six percentage points short in math. K12 is pursuing a growth-at-any-cost strategy that is harming countless students, likely violating numerous state and federal laws and regulations, and wasting hundreds of millions of dollars of taxpayer money every year. What the company is doing is becoming increasingly well-known so states — and possibly the IRS — are waking up and thus the company faces increased regulatory risks.

Since I made my presentation public last week, I am even more certain that my analysis of K12 is correct thanks to comments like these from people I know:. I started digging into the results, the business model, the organization, and discovered much of what you lay out in detail in your presentation.

As I said, they are terrible and epitomize everything that we should be working against in the ed-reform movement.

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