Exchange rate moscow forex

exchange rate moscow forex

Any amount above that level will be given in rubles, based on the market exchange rate on the day of the withdrawal, the central bank said. RTS” procedure for calculation of the FX fixings (hereinafter referred to as the Fixings) i.e. currency rates of a country expressed in a currency of. USD/RUB and EUR/RUB exchange rates no longer exist in the normal sense – By Andrey Ostroukh MOSCOW (Reuters) - The Russian rouble regained ground on. BEST FOREX TRADING SOFTWARE MAC My security critical. Ability to move ID and Password, bad experience with. Router Router config t Router config Monterey This website and third-party tools Edit if you.

The rouble's rapid recovery has raised doubts about the durability of its gains. Anyone who tries to buy foreign currency online at a bank in Russia or, illegally, at a foreign exchange booth, or who buys goods and services online denominated in foreign currencies will find the actual rate considerably worse. On Friday, the rouble hit its strongest level against the euro since June and jumped to a high to the dollar.

In March, consumer prices in Russia jumped 7. Subscribe to our sustainability newsletter to make sense of the latest ESG trends affecting companies and governments. Subscribe to our newsletter to get all the news you need to start your day. Ireland has confirmed its first case of monkeypox, the country's health agency said on Saturday. Sustainable Switch Subscribe to our sustainability newsletter to make sense of the latest ESG trends affecting companies and governments. Sign up. Germany has already halted the Nord Stream 2 gas project as punishment for Russia's invasion of Ukraine.

European countries have been under pressure to reduce their energy dependence on Russia, which is using revenues from sales of gas, oil, and coal to help fund the war. Slovakia announced on May 27 that it has considerably reduced its dependence on gas supplies from Russia. The country has reduced its dependence by 65 percent, said Economy Minister Richard Sulik.

Slovakia was able to do this by signing several gas supply contracts, including one with Norway and others to supply liquefied gas delivered by tankers. Prime Minister Eduard Heger also announced the start of test operations of a gas pipeline connecting Poland and Slovakia at a new natural gas compressor station in eastern Slovakia.

The pipeline, built with EU funding, will enable Slovakia to also obtain gas from Norway and overseas, he said. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy called the current situation in the Donbas region "very difficult" as Russian forces and Moscow-backed separatists attacked the last Ukrainian strongholds in the eastern Luhansk region. Russian forces have concentrated their efforts in the Donbas, Zelenskiy said , using maximum artillery fire and missile strikes as Ukrainian forces "protect our land in the way that our current defense resources allow.

Serhiy Hayday, the governor of Luhansk region, said that Ukrainian forces are engaged in a "fierce defense" of Syevyerodonetsk, which is two-thirds surrounded by Russian forces. However, it is possible that in order not to be surrounded we will have to retreat," he said. He said earlier that "very strong" shelling has destroyed 90 percent of the housing in the city. The Defense Ministry says the current phase of the war is the most active full-scale military aggression thus far.

The Ukrainian military reported that eight attacks by Russian troops had been repulsed in Donetsk and Luhansk during the day, while fighting continued at five locations. Zelenskiy said Russian forces are trying to achieve some success by next week when the th day of the war will be marked. Syevyerodonetsk Mayor Oleksandr Stryuk said that at least 1, people have been killed in his city since the start of Russia's invasion in late February.

Moscow-backed separatists on May 27 also claimed full control of the important battlefield town of Lyman, some 60 kilometers west of Syevyerodonetsk, but the Ukrainian Defense Ministry denied that the major railway hub had fallen, saying in a statement that its forces continue to counteract Russian attempts to overrun it. Lyman has been a front line target as Russian forces press down from the north, one of three directions from which they have been attacking Ukraine's industrial Donbas region.

On the diplomatic front, Austrian Chancellor Karl Nehammer says he and Russian President Vladimir Putin discussed a possible prisoner swap and blocked shipments of Ukrainian grain during a phone call on May Zelenskiy said in an address on May 27 to an Indonesian think tank that Ukraine was not longing to talk to Putin, but that it has to face the reality that this will likely be necessary to end the war that Moscow launched against it on February I'm not telling you that our people are eager to talk to him, but we have to face the reality of what we are living through," Zelenskiy said.

We want our lives back We want to reclaim the life of a sovereign country within its own territory," he said, adding that Russia did not appear to be ready yet for serious peace talks. Zelenskiy also accused Russia -- which has said it would allow Ukraine to resume its grain exports by sea if the West lifts some sanctions imposed on it for starting the war -- of weaponizing the global food supply crisis.

Negotiations continued online for a while but both sides now say they have stopped. According to a Kremlin statement, Putin informed Nehammer about actions that Russia is taking to secure safe passage for vessels in the Sea of Azov and the Black Sea. Putin told Nehammer that attempts to blame Russia for difficulties shipping grain worldwide were unfounded and pointed to Western sanctions being responsible instead, according to the Kremlin.

Speaking at the online economic forum of the Eurasian Economic Union EEC on May 27, Mirziyoev said the project will "open new opportunities for transport corridors linking our region with markets in the Pacific Ocean area. The move will add to the widening of existing railway routes connecting East with West.

Its economic forum is being chaired by Kyrgyzstan this year. Last week, Kyrgyz Prime Minister Akylbek Japarov said the China-Kyrgyzstan-Uzbekistan railway line will start being built this autumn, calling it "the largest project in Kyrgyzstan's history. A court in Moscow has extended the pretrial detention of the head of a leading Russian cybersecurity company who was arrested last September on charges of state treason.

An official for the Lefortovo district court told the state-controlled TASS news agency that it had ruled on May 27 that Ilya Sachkov's pretrial detention was being prolonged until at least July Sachkov is the founder of Group-IB, a company known for its work in tracking down hackers and fighting theft and cyberfraud. Sachkov, 35, is one of a group of prominent people, including scientists and cybersecurity officials, to be arrested in Russia on treason charges in recent years.

Moscow has faced numerous allegations of being behind cyberattacks on Western countries -- which it has consistently denied. Investigators said Sachkov was suspected of passing classified information to a foreign country. No other details were given by officials.

Sachkov was arrested and charged after police searched his company's offices in Moscow on September He denies any wrongdoing. Group-IB, founded in , has grown markedly in recent years as cybercrimes increase globally.

Petersburg following Russia's unprovoked invasion of Ukraine. The IIHF said in a statement on May 27 that the Finnish city of Tampere will be the main venue for the tournament, with the Latvian capital, Riga, hosting one preliminary round group and two quarter-finals. The tournament was taken away from St. Petersburg on April 26, when the IIHF said the "decision to relocate the event was taken primarily out of concern for the safety and well-being of all participating players, officials, media, and fans.

Russia launched its unprovoked invasion of Ukraine on February A court in Russia has rejected an appeal filed by Belarusian activist Yana Pinchuk against Moscow's refusal to grant her political asylum, paving the way for her extradition home where she faces charges for protesting the disputed August election that kept authoritarian ruler Alyaksandr Lukashenka in power.

The Belarusian human rights group Vitsebskaya Vyasna said that, as a result of the May 26 decision by the Smolny district court in St. Petersburg, Pinchuk will very likely be extradited to Belarus with a hearing on the issue scheduled for June 1. Police in St. Petersburg arrested Pinchuk on November 1 at the request of Belarus.

Pinchuk is wanted in Belarus on several charges, including inciting national hatred, calls for activities that damaged national security, and slander. Pinchuk rejects all the charges and says she immediately closed her Telegram channel after it was officially labeled as extremist. In December, the Moscow-based Memorial Human Rights Center recognized Pinchuk as a political prisoner and demanded her immediate release.

Pinchuk is one of many Belarusians who have faced multiple charges linked to the mass protests against Lukashenka following the controversial presidential election. Thousands have been arrested and much of the opposition leadership has been jailed or forced into exile. Several protesters have been killed and there have also been credible reports of torture during a widening security crackdown. Belarusian authorities have also shut down several nongovernmental organizations and independent media outlets.

The United States, the European Union, and several other countries have refused to acknowledge Lukashenka as the winner of the vote and imposed several rounds of sanctions on him and his regime, citing election fraud and the crackdown. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy has said that he must hold talks with Russian President Vladimir Putin in order to safeguard Ukraine's sovereignty and existence. In an address to an Indonesian think tank on May 27, Zelenskiy said Ukraine was not longing to talk to Putin, but that it has to face the reality that this will likely be necessary to end the war Moscow launched against it on February Zelenskiy also accused Russia -- which is has said it would allow Ukraine to resume its grain exports by sea if the West lifts some sanctions imposed on it for starting the war -- of weaponizing the global food supply crisis.

In response, the Kremlin said on May 27 that it was unclear what Kyiv wanted. This does not allow us to fully understand what the Ukrainian side wants," Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said in a call with reporters. A well-known Belarusian opera singer and political activist says her parents have been fined for "disobeying police orders" after their house was searched and they refused to record a video calling on their daughter to stop her political activities.

It was not clear which orders they refused to follow. According to Lyauchuk, her parents' neighbor, who was present when officers searched her parents' house, told her that her parents were handcuffed and taken away. Last July, Belarusian authorities launched a criminal case against Lyauchuk, accusing her of "desecrating the national flag.

Police also searched the home of Volha Pavuk, the former wife of noted opposition blogger and singer Andrey Pavuk, on May Pavuk, his former wife, and their children left the country in the wake of anti-government protests questioning the official results of an August presidential poll that handed a sixth consecutive term in office to strongman Alyaksandr Lukashenka. He denies the charges. Lyauchuk and Andrey Pavuk recorded several joint singing sessions critical of Lukashenka and his government and posted them on YouTube.

A Russian tank drives past destroyed residential buildings in Popasna, in the Luhansk region of eastern Ukraine. Russian forces are attempting to encircle Ukrainian positions between Popasna and Syevyerodonetsk, according to reports from the area. Human Rights Watch HRW has called on Tajikistan's government to refrain from abusing participants in the protests that erupted earlier this month in the restive Gorno-Badakhshan autonomous region.

The protests were initially sparked by anger over the lack of an investigation into the death of an activist while in police custody and the refusal by regional authorities to consider the resignation of Governor Alisher Mirzonabot and Rizo Nazarzoda, the mayor of the regional capital, Khorugh. The rallies intensified after a protester was killed by police on May 16, prompting the authorities to launch what they called a "counterterrorist operation" during which as many as 40 people were killed by the security forces, according to Fernand de Varennes, the UN special rapporteur on minority issues.

As government forces dispersed the protests, the authorities also cut Internet and mobile connectivity in the autonomous region. Gorno-Badakhshan, a linguistically and ethnically distinct region whose residents identify themselves as "Pamiri," was home to rebels who opposed government forces during the Tajik civil war in the s.

Although it occupies almost half of the entire Central Asian country, it has a population of only , The region is difficult to travel around because of the mountainous terrain, while its economy is wracked by unemployment, difficult living conditions, and high food prices. The escalating violence in the region has sparked a call for restraint from the UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres, the Western diplomatic missions in Tajikistan, and human rights groups.

In a rare display of political protest in Russia, a group of lawmakers representing the Communist Party in the Far Eastern region of Primorye have called on President Vladimir Putin to stop military operations in Ukraine and withdraw all troops from the country. Leonid Vasyukevich, a member of the regional Legislative Assembly, read out the statement at a session held by lawmakers on May The statement said that as Russian troops are suffering significant losses in Ukraine, there is no way to get any success by military means.

During the military operation, young men are dying or becoming disabled, while they could be very useful for our country," the statement said. Vasyukevich said that the statement was signed by him and his colleagues Gennady Shulga, Natalya Kochugova, and Aleksandr Sustov. The region's governor, Oleg Kozhemyako, who was at the session, ordered Vasyukevich and Shulga, who vocally supported the statement, to be removed from the premises. You are a traitor," Kozhemyako said, addressing Vasyukevich.

The lawmakers then deprived Vasyukevich and Shulga of their right to take the floor at the session. The leader of the Communist lawmakers, Anatoly Dolgachyov, said the deputies' action will have "very severe repercussions.

The Interfax news agency reported that Kochugova said at the session that she did not sign the statement either. Russia launched its unprovoked invasion of Ukraine on February 24 and has met with much stiffer-than-expected resistance from Ukrainian troops. Moscow has said little on the death toll. In its last official statement, the Defense Ministry said on March 25 that 1, of its soldiers had been killed in the fighting. Russia says it is expelling five Croatian diplomats over "unfriendly actions" taken by Zagreb against Moscow, including the expulsion of 24 Russian diplomats from Croatia in April.

The Foreign Ministry said in a statement on May 27 that it had summoned Croatia's ambassador to Moscow to inform him of the move, taken "in connection with the groundless attempts of the Croatian authorities to blame Russia for war crimes in Ukraine and the provision of military assistance by the Croatian side to the neo-Nazi Kyiv regime. Croatia expelled the Russian diplomats in April in response to Moscow's unprovoked invasion of Ukraine.

The May 26 decision by the Ciocana district court in Chisinau came two days after Dodon's house was searched and he was placed under detention for 72 hours. Dodon told journalists after the hearing that the case was politically motivated, a charge the government has rejected. Dodon, who was openly backed by Moscow and was seen as a close ally of Russian President Vladimir Putin, was president from to , when he lost to Maia Sandu, a pro-Western, U. Dodon said he had no property other than that which he had officially declared, and told journalists that the judge was carrying out a "political order" from Sandu.

Dodon's brother-in-law, Petru Merineanu, was also arrested for 30 days, but he will be kept in a detention facility. The government has rejected the allegation of political interference in the case, which comes as relations between Russia and Moldova are increasingly strained. The gentleman in question in this case, if he thinks he is honest, has nothing to worry about," Sandu said in her first comments on the investigation. Russia has repeatedly voiced "concern" about Dodon's rights being respected, with Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov saying that Russia was "naturally alarmed that such a practice and persecution once again affects those who advocate the development of friendly relations with Russia for mutual benefit.

Russia has some 1, troops in Moldova's Moscow-backed separatist region of Transdniester, a sliver of land sandwiched between Moldova proper and Ukraine. In recent months, Transdniester separatists claimed that Kyiv had orchestrated what they claimed were shootings, explosions, and drone incursions, raising fears that Moldova could be drawn into the conflict in Ukraine. Russian forces have further intensified their shelling of the last Ukrainian strongholds in the eastern Luhansk region, making their biggest gains in weeks and closing in on capturing the key cities of Syeveyerodonetsk and Lysychansk.

In the face of Russia's all-out assault on the Donbas, President Volodymyr Zelenskiy said on May 27 that he must hold talks with Russian President Vladimir Putin in order to safeguard Ukraine's sovereignty and existence. Serhiy Hayday, the governor of the Luhansk region, said that Ukrainian forces were engaged in a "fierce defense" of Syevyerodonetsk, which is two-thirds surrounded by Russian forces. Stryuk said earlier that at least 1, people have been killed in his city since the start of Russia's invasion in late February.

About 12, to 13, remain in the city -- down from a pre-war population of about ,, he said. Lyman has been a front-line target as Russian forces press down from the north, one of three directions from which they have been attacking Ukraine's industrial Donbas region.

In its daily intelligence bulletin, Britain's Ministry of Defense said that, while Russian ground forces continue to put pressure on the Syeyverodonetsk pocket with some success,Moscow appears to have moved year-old T tanks in recent days from deep storage into the theater of operations in the Donbas.

The report assessed that the move proves Russia's shortage of modern, combat-ready equipment. Furthermore, "the Ts will almost certainly be particularly vulnerable to anti-tank weapons and their presence on the battlefield," British intelligence said.

Zelenskiy, in an address on May 27 to an Indonesian think tank, said talking to Putin will likely be necessary to end the war. In response, the Kremlin on May 27 accused Kyiv of a lack of clarity. Zelenskiy also accused Russia -- which has said that it would allow Ukraine to resume its grain exports by sea if the West lifts some sanctions imposed on it for starting the war -- of weaponizing the global food supply crisis. Zelenskiy has become increasingly critical of the West in recent days as the European Union moves slowly toward a possible Russian oil embargo while Ukraine's military situation becomes increasingly difficult in the east.

The embargo requires unanimity among the bloc's 27 members, but Hungary opposes the move, arguing that its economy would be gravely hit. Zelenskiy blasted the lack of agreement within the EU. In Geneva, the UN rights office OHCHR said in a statement on May 27 that more than 4, civilians have been killed in Ukraine since Russia's invasion began on February 24, although the true number is likely much higher.

In total, 4, people have been killed, including nearly children, according to the OHCHR, which has dozens of monitors in the country. Most were killed by explosive weapons with a wide impact such as shelling from heavy artillery or air strikes.

Russia has denied targeting civilians in the conflict. The United States has confiscated Iranian oil held on a Russian-operated ship near the Greek island of Evia in the Aegean Sea, according to news reports quoting Greek sources. Following a "judicial intervention by U. The vessel was temporarily seized by Greek authorities on April 15 when it anchored off the port of Karystos on Evia.

At the time, it was flying a Russian flag and was carrying a crew of 19 Russians.

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