Aden rusfeldt forex factory

aden rusfeldt forex factory

if i remember correctly, this system was touted by aden rusfeldt as "money tree" that will give setups everyday for pips with. January - The FPA is impressed to see that Aden Rusfeldt is going to great I had a dialogue with Aden on the ForexFactory forum. With many countries reducing Forex trading leverage to or lower, it is becoming course that I purchased was from an “educator” named Aden Rusfeldt. FOREX TRADING STRATEGY FOR GOLD Some workbench toy to see this. Get the perfect port field, enter an available client. A deep bench incorrect format in menu, and a. Both the client text object editor, double-click a text session; It provides. Visit our St Get instructions and connection refused message.

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Aden rusfeldt forex factory lichello investing in the stock


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This guy is a liar. Do not give him your money to trade. He does not abide by his stated managed account regimen in his book. Which are BS. He churned my account and blew 30k, while getting comissions the whole time. He was probably laughing!!! His trade reports are all fasle! He backtracks his record. Look at it now. They are all false!!! If you give him money to trade, you will lose it.

I did!! Rusfeldt on March 12 in the federal court in Galveston, TX. It alleges fraud. I am hoping a copy of the complaint will be on our website later this week. Well we, like many others that posted here found themselves in the same story. A few gains immediately followed by big losses.

I stumbled on this website after continuing to do some searches for Aden related information. As noted above, the court documents are on the CFTC website and provides some names of those investigating the case. Anyone willing to discuss their thoughts? Any good tax accountants in the SE Houston area that know how to deal with this?? You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Twitter account.

You are commenting using your Facebook account. Notify me of new comments via email. Notify me of new posts via email. Create a free website or blog at WordPress. Share this: Twitter Facebook. Like this: Like Loading Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in:. Rusfeldt, 40, came to the area with his wife and two kids after a circuitous personal and professional journey, even working as a semipro snowboarder before christening himself "Pastor Aden.

After attending community colleges in Southern California and Bible school in Texas — he says he has been a born-again Christian since age 21 — Rusfeldt in the early s proclaimed himself a guru in the foreign exchange market. In online forums promoting his services, he described his investing technique as akin to planting "a money tree" that produces hundred-dollar bills every day, and bragged about attending a business conference with Eric Trump.

The truth was much less profitable. I used to hit the bong like Cheech and Chong. After being saved and starting a family, he said, he bounced around multiple states until God directed him to move his family east so he could preach in the Philadelphia area. In the summer of , the Rusfeldts moved into a 4,square-foot rental home in Quakertown, situated on 16 acres of what was once a golf course.

About the same time, he signed an agreement to rent the Ebenezer Seventh-Day Adventist Church in South Philadelphia for weekly services for his church, which he calls the Key of David Christian Center. It's named, he said, after a passage in the Book of Revelation directed "to the angel of the church in Philadelphia" from the one "who is holy and true" that possesses the key of David.

Carlos McConico, the pastor of the Seventh-Day Adventist church on Christian Street, said he wasn't aware of Rusfeldt's confrontational preaching style when he agreed to rent space to him. He said Rusfeldt came across as a "really nice guy" and an "everyday Christian. Shortly before their six-month agreement expired, Rusfeldt stopped holding services at the church. In an interview, he told Philadelphia Magazine it got too "hot" once the locals discovered who he was.

He has since moved the church to a point "north of Philadelphia. Asked about his congregation, he says only that it has fewer than 20 members. Across the country, preachers such as Rusfeldt have been a thorn in the side of college administrators for decades. At Purdue University in the s, there was Brother Max, who wore suspenders and a bow tie as he urged students to repent or face the fires of hell.

The University of Arkansas at Fayetteville grew so tired of Gary Bowman, a traveling preacher who called himself "Moses," that it eventually limited his campus visits to five a semester, a restriction later overturned in federal court. Jed Smock, a pioneer of "confrontational evangelism," has hit campuses across the Midwest for decades.

Among such preachers, Rusfeldt's beliefs aren't unique, but his casual use of profanity and harsh signs have made him more an object of outrage than bemusement — at a time when campuses have grown increasingly conscious of the impact of hateful rhetoric on students.

From to , reported campus hate crimes increased 25 percent, according to the Chronicle of Higher Education, with a spike in the weeks before and after Donald Trump's election. Few observers would classify Rusfeldt's outbursts as hate crimes, but his heated sermonizing alarms students and administrators.

On Penn's campus in October , he told one student she looked as if she came from "a prostitution house" and badgered another student, a Muslim named Zahraa Mohammed, telling her the founder of Islam, Mohammad, was a "pedophile," according to an account she later gave the Daily Pennsylvanian. College administrators have enough headaches tiptoeing around the free speech flare-ups that have made headlines nationwide.

Pennsylvania State University was sued for blocking a campus speech by white supremacist Richard Spencer. Drexel University weathered weeks of negative press after an associate professor tweeted , "All I want for Christmas is white genocide. But, said Zebulun R. Davenport, vice president for student affairs at West Chester University, "as a public institution and a public space, we can't control who comes and who doesn't come on our campus.

Rusfeldt typically informs campus public safety officials at least 48 hours before he arrives — which sets off a chain of reactions. West Chester's student government also established a support group, West Chester Stands, to distribute leaflets during Rusfeldt's appearances that explain the group's rights and urge students to ignore the preachers or peacefully engage them.

Rusfeldt's preaches include a recurring cast of followers: his wife, Mary, their two daughters, a stepson, and a range of other Key of David members, many of them teenagers. Sometimes he will team up with another evangelist. Brother Ross Jackson, an evangelist from North Carolina, preached for a time with Rusfeldt but said he grew disturbed by the pastor's inflammatory signs and profanity. It's not clear how long they'll have to endure him. Virginia Reiss, an insurance executive who lived next door, was relieved.

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aden rusfeldt forex factory

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