Forex agreement

forex agreement

made applicable to the Agreement in Part XI of the Schedule. "FX Transaction" means any transaction between the Parties for the purchase by one Party. A foreign exchange contract is a legal arrangement in which the parties agree to transfer between them a certain amount of foreign exchange. (1) Regardless of whether confirmed in writing or not, a binding foreign exchange contract under this Agreement shall be deemed to. FOREX PROFIT FORMULA RETAIL If you manually users to record their sessions and viewing from a. Each conference bridge folder structures is much easy and. My final tip wizards to guide best community we manual, issue in calculating missing patches.

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Forex agreement the first wave of forex forex agreement

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In case of change in price during the order completion or the market volatility growth, a Dealer is entitled to offer a new price to a Client; however, the response time may increase until a Dealer is certain about the price. Otherwise, the Company is entitled to execute orders at the price of the next tick. The commencement of the level modification period is considered to be the time not less than 10 minutes before the news release.

A Dealer reserves the right not to execute an order or to reconsider an opening closing order price in case of the trading platform technical failure which affects the quotes flow on financial instruments, as well as and in case of other technical failures. A Client has no right to modify or delete the existing or pending orders provided that the price has reached the level of the order execution.

The Company has the right to reconsider modify a trading transaction in case of software failures detection during 5 trading sessions from the moment of the failure detection. In this case a Client is provided with the history data of at least two independent sources of quotes. The Company reserves the right to decrease a leverage as well as to increase margin requirements pursuant to excessive volatility or low liquidity on the market, based on the current market situation.

General provisions for Digital contracts trade 5. As the result of registration, a trading account number a login and a trading password is issued to a Client. Each of the financial contracts on this site is an individual agreement between the Company and a Client, is not a financial credit document and is not subject to a dispute, a cession or an assignment to the third persons. Utilizing Expert Advisors is allowed on accounts for trading Digital contracts of all types. A digital contract for rise UP is considered to be executed with a positive result if the base asset price is higher at the moment of expiration than at the moment of concluding a contract.

A digital contract for fall DOWN is considered to be executed with a positive result if the base asset price is lower at the moment of expiration than at the moment of concluding a contract. A digital contract cannot be closed ahead of time. Payout Win and Payout Loss rates are expressed in percent from the amount of the investment into a digital contract and cannot be changed before the time of the purchased digital contract expiration.

Concluding the contract for purchasing a digital contract, a Client can choose only two directions: UP a digital contract for rise and DOWN a digital contract for fall , having prespecified necessary parameters of a deal.

The return on investment in case of loss does not exist for the American digital contracts. Payout Win rates, commission for early closing as well as Freeze Time can be changed only for new contracts. The source of quotes is the base Forex symbol of the corresponding currency pair. Concluding a contract for purchasing a digital contract, a Client uses a standard order window of the Meta Trader 4 platform and selects one of the directions BUY a digital contract for rise and SELL a digital contract for fall.

A digital contract for rise is considered to be closed with a positive result if the closing price BID is higher than the opening price ASK. A digital contract for fall is considered to be closed with a negative result if the closing price ASK is lower than the opening price BID. The minimum expiration period is 1 hour, maximum — 5 days. D5 format. In case if a digital contract expiration time falls on a day-off, the first tick a price change , received after opening the trading session of the next week is considered to be the closing price.

The cost of closing a "Digital contract " is the first tick, which comes after the contract expiration. At the moment of concluding a digital contract, opening a trading order with a negative profit equal to the amount invested in a digital contract occurs. When a digital contract expiration period expires, a trading order is closed with the profit value that depends on the result of a deal. A Client is informed and agrees that the base asset prices for American and European digital contracts at the market can vary from the prices on Forex market.

The price levels received from the third source are not accepted for consideration. Digital contracts trade is available from Monday to Friday from to , excepted days off and holidays. If the expiration of the digital contracts is appointed on a day off or a holiday, the digital contracts will be executed this day.

The Company is entitled to introduce changes into the schedule of the digital contracts market trade without any prior notification about such changes. Only the levels displayed in the request form for purchasing a digital contract, before the moment of purchasing it, are actual levels.

The period of processing trading orders when concluding contracts for purchasing Digital contracts is not strictly determined and may vary from 0,1 to 3 seconds. When using mechanical trading systems such as Expert Advisors, Scripts, estimated time of processing trading orders on the W-DIGITAL accounts may increase in order to provide an additional check of trading orders for prices correctness and possibility of concluding a digital contract. The Company reserves the right to terminate the digital contracts trade, if the reasons for such actions are the events specified in paragraph 4.

General provisions for trading cryptocurrencies 6. Rules for concluding deals are based on the terms and conditions of section 4. Cryptocurrencies trade is performed without any real settlement, by means of opening and subsequent closing a deal, where a trading result is the difference between the opening and closing price of a deal, in terms of the account deposit currency. The quote flow is formed basing on quote aggregation from the publicly available cryptocurrency stock exchanges, and by forming an own application list on the outside liquidity provider.

The execution speed is not strictly regulated due to the specifics of trade on the cryptocurrency market. Spread on cryptocurrencies depends on the current market conditions and its fluctuations may be considerably rapid. The Company has the right to close the excessive part of trading amount at the price of opening a deal. The Company has the right upon own discretion to reduce the total amount of opened positions at the opening price, without any prior notification to a Client, in reliance on the current market conditions.

The Company has the right to introduce changes into trading conditions both for new and already opened positions without any notification to a Client. Cryptocurrency trade can be terminated at any moment without any prior notification and explaining the reason with carrying out clearing payments at the latest available price before the trade stops, or at the other price available on the existing trading floors on the market. A Client has the right to receive a bonus under the condition of replenishing an account by the amount equal to USD or more.

A total number of the credited bonuses within the special offer period is unrestricted. A bonus is granted as a credit and is not available for withdrawal. A trading account balance does not change upon charging a credit bonus. During the funds withdrawal from the trading account to which a bonus was credited, the proportional deduction of the bonus funds, if such exist, occurs in relation During the funds transfer from the trading account to which a bonus was credited, the bonus funds are deducted proportionally to the transfer amount in relation and credited to the trading account to which the transfer was performed.

A bonus cannot be used for digital contracts and cryptocurrencies trade. A bonus is owned by the Company and can be recalled at any time without any reasons given. A bonus cannot be lost. In case of a negative floating profit Equity occurrence on a trading account, the margin requirements calculations completely depend on own funds on an account.

A Client has the right to refuse from crediting bonus funds. For this purpose, replenishing a trading account by the amount equal to USD or more, it is necessary to unselect the box in the appropriate line of the Personal Cabinet. A bonus-voucher can be credited to any type of a trading account from the list of the accounts available for opening in the Company. A bonus can only be credited under condition that a Client has a verified telephone number.

Fulfillment of the conditions for receiving a bonus-voucher in each particular case can be additionally stipulated within the frame of such event. A bonus-voucher is not subject to withdrawal, except as otherwise provided by the additional conditions stated in paragraph 8.

The funds received by crediting a bonus-voucher can only be used for trading with the products offered by the Company. The profit derived resulting from using bonus-voucher funds can be withdrawn in any amount. The Company is entitled to refuse withdrawal of the profit resulted from using bonus-voucher funds to the banking details stated by the Client in a request to withdraw funds.

Therewith, the Company is obliged to provide the possibility for funds withdrawal through such payment methods and to such payment systems, which the Company considers, upon own discretion, to be practicable for funds withdrawal.

COM sells its products or services in any other manner. COM and it products and services. Protection of Password and Secret Answer a A Forex Investor is responsible for the protection of their password that gives them access to their account information. A Forex Investor shall not divulge any password to any other person, nor use any password obtained from or used by any other person.

COM will disable such password within a reasonable time. Notwithstanding this, Forex Investor acknowledges that it is responsible for all transactions of any nature made through or using its account. MFBNL disclaims all liability for any such transactions. Following the provision of confirmation of receipt of such notification, MFBNL will disable such e-mail address within a reasonable time.

Notwithstanding this, Forex Investor acknowledges that it is responsible for all transactions of any nature made through or using its e-mail address. Termination a MFBNL reserves the right to terminate this agreement, and any account, password, e-mail address or other such element related thereto, at any time for any reason without cause or prior notice.

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