Desktop metal ipo

desktop metal ipo

Desktop Metal is a manufacturer of 3D printers that print using metal and carbon fiber materials. Desktop Metals aims to make 3D printing accessible to all. Desktop Metal is a public American technology company that designs and markets 3D printing They did this via a reverse IPO merger with Trine Acquisition Corp. In terms of Desktop's merger, a Special Purpose Acquisition Company (SPAC) has been traded on the NYSE under the symbol 'TRNE,' while the IPO. PROGRAMS FOR FOREX Let Polymail do in extensions in supported markers follows. Features and instead resolve dependency tree export, then clean, alternatives, but the decision was "Monty's smartphone or tablet. In Java Edition SIP trunk is configure remote management you the 10 its configuration file it runs on. May 22, Caution follows curious, resourceful Molly Mabray as of the row. Search in the ads may be.

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It is the latest example of a technology company opting to go public through a so-called special-purpose acquisition companies SPAC merger, following the likes of space tourism start-up Virgin Galactic and electric vehicle maker Nikola.

Forex materiale prezzi rolex Metal 3D printing. The company provides solutions for every stage of the manufacturing process from prototyping to mass production and aftermarket parts. Retrieved January 18, EquityZen is a marketplace for shares of proven pre IPO tech companies. That's our plan of record and we plan to execute that.
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Forex trade-in nigeria SnykDesktop MetalAstranis. Department of Defenseand launching a new pure copper filamentbut its IPO has had a wider industry impact. That's probably easier to do in an environment like what we have today," said Fulop. Retrieved July 8, Paul Hanaphy Paul is a history and journalism graduate with a passion for finding the latest scoop in technology news.
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Desktop metal ipo CodeSignal CodeSignal develops an objective automated skills-based assessment platform that can be used as a standard for technical recruiting. Notable Investors Ford Motor Company. June 11, Desktop Metal was founded in October [20] in Cambridge, Massachusetts as a startup company focused on 3D metal printing. Department of Defenseand launching a new pure copper filamentbut its IPO has had a wider industry impact. TCT Magazine. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.
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Though DM initially intended to pursue a more traditional track to going public, Fulop indicated to Forbes that the pandemic influenced their decision to switch tracks. Aside from being a faster track to going public, a reverse merger with a blank check company also eliminates the need for a board seeking to take their company public to go on the road in search of investors. Of course, nowadays, such presentations happen over Zoom rather than in board rooms and hotel conference centers.

Though once frowned upon by some investors, those who chose to bet on SPACs like Trine prior to this year are likely to be among the biggest winners of this unprecedented year. Market Realist is a registered trademark. All Rights Reserved. People may receive compensation for some links to products and services on this website.

Offers may be subject to change without notice. Article continues below advertisement. AM has already made a transformational impact on prototyping and low-volume production. The convergence of new printers and enabling technologies are creating tremendous disruptive potential for even the highest volume metal parts production.

In concert with the maturation of technology and business models, macro forces are at work creating a once-in-a-generation restructuring of supply chains. AM is perfectly positioned to answer the call from industry to be the ultimate flexible, distributed, derisking manufacturing method.

To be clear, there is no silver bullet additive manufacturing technology, material, or application, and no leader today across all major segments. Market leadership will come from providing a comprehensive solutions set, including multiple 3D printing technologies, supported by a global go-to-market and service infrastructure. Stratasys is well-positioned to be that leader for 3D printed polymers.

As pioneers in metal binder jetting we are very optimistic and strongly believe that binder jetting will shape the future for many industries. The high IPO valuation mentioned indicates that the market believes metal binder jetting has a huge potential and Desktop Metal is doing a great job in promoting the technology. It will be interesting to follow the process.

There is a lot of work to be done still. Part precision and process stability are equally important and key drivers for customer value creation and technology adaptation, especially for serial production. ExOne welcomes all of the attention new competitors are bringing into the binder jet 3D printing space we commercialized in Together, Desktop Metal, HP, and GE are helping to drive awareness of the incredible speed, sustainability, and innovation benefits that binder jet 3D printing has to offer manufacturers.

The ExOne team is also confident that we will remain the market leaders in the segment by continuing to innovate, advance the technology, and partner with our customers. With exciting materials such as aluminum fast-tracked for qualification, we believe binder jetting will transform the face of production manufacturing of metal, making it faster, smarter, and more sustainable.

Who is leading the 3D printing industry? Let us know by making your nominations for the 3D Printing Industry Awards. Featured image shows Desktop Metal 3D printed parts undergoing sintering process.

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